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Helena Tiainen 
 About Helena Tiainen
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About Helena Tiainen
Helena TiainenNOTE: Most of my recent work is on display at Pixels.comOpens in new window, which used to be Fine Art America. You can view a large collection of images of my art there at www.helena-tiainen.pixels.comOpens in new window. These images can be Printed-On-Demand on a variety of personal and home decor items offered on Pixels. You have many options to choose from and customize your orders. Check it out by clicking on the above link!

<a href=" in new window" style="font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;">flower paintings</a>

<a href=" in new window" style="font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;">roses art</a>

<a href=" in new window+media" style="font: 10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;">mixed media</a>


NEW! You can now get Helena Tiainen's art on scarves and tops. Go to in new window to see the current collection and find out more about this new venture.

I have more exciting news that will help you add color to your life! I am now offering my art and designs on a variety of textiles, wallpaper and gift wrap at Spoonflower. Check these out at: in new window. I will be adding more designs for sale here in near future.

"Runes Revealed", A Nordic 5 Arts Mixed Media Group Exhibit at the Scandinavian Cultural Center in the Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, July 8, 2016 - September 23, 2016. in new window.
"BAP Holiday ColorFest" an invitational exhibit at the Sawtooth Building's Michael DaSilva Ukulele Co. in Berkeley, CA. December 13-15, 2015.
"ArtAuction15" to benefit COH of San Francisco at SOMArts Cultural Center on September 10, 2015. "Runes Revealed" at San Pablo Art Gallery. A Juried Nordic 5 Arts Mixed Media Group Exhibit July 25, 2015 - August 23, 2015, in new window.

UPDATE: Since I am doing a lot of mixed media digital collage art at this point of my life, most of my new work can be found at in new window and customizable prints in a variety of sizes and options for matting and framing and cards of these can be ordered directly via Fine Art America. Many images are also available on customizable throw pillows and duvet covers in assorted sizes as well as on iPad and iPhone and other phone cases. You can also get my images printed-on-demand (POD) on shower curtains, T-shirts and totebags. My art is available for limited rights licensing via Pixels.comOpens in new window, which is a branch of Fine Art America. I am creating a lot of work with The Joy of Design series of paintings and otherwise as well. Click on the link above and see for yourself!

*You will now find practical everyday products adorned with images of Helena Tiainen's art, items suitable for gifting and designs for visual pleasure at in new window* and at in new window
Please, visit!

*You can now purchase customizable greeting cards and museum quality framed or unframed giclee/ciclee prints of Helena Tiainen's art in a variety of sizes and options at: www.helena-tiainen.artistwebsites.comOpens in new window.
Prices start at 6.40/one card, remarkable discounts are offered on larger orders of cards. The prints start at 32.00/one print. Take a look, you have many options to choose from by clicking on the link listed above.

*Helena Tiainen is now featured on Houzz at in new window


Helena Tiainen is originally from Helsinki, Finland and arrived in the United States in August 1979. She is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) with a BFA major in painting and drawing. Helena Tiainen lives and works in Berkeley, California. She is self-employed as a designer, organizer, translator and an active visual artist. She has participated in many group and solo exhibitions and has helped plan and create several local art events. Helena Tiainen is currently a member of ProArts and of the Nordic5Arts of the Bay Area. in new window. Her art is part of a number of collections in the USA and Northern Europe. A resume of her exhibits is available by request.

Helena Tiainen accepts art commissions that fit her style, price range and media. All of her original paintings and drawings for sale are one of a kind unique creations crafted with high quality materials. You can order giclee/ciclee prints and greeting cards of some of these paintings and drawings via Fine Art America at www.helena-tiainen.artistwebsites.comOpens in new window. You can also contact Helena Tiainen directly regarding buying or commissioning her original art by clicking on the "Contact" option or from the "Commissions" page.


Helena Tiainen's artwork is mainly about the mystery and wonder of the world and the universe we live in. She deals with both inner and outer realities and sees her paintings as abstract and figurative. Her art is a study in the interconnectedness of all life. It is an ongoing exploration into oneness and wholeness.

Helena Tiainen's work is unique and is not currently part of any particular art movement or trend. Her paintings are surreal, organic, fractal, figurative, geometric, symbolic, decorative, abstract and contemporary. Whether simplified or plentiful, patterns and repetition create strong movement and flow in her work. Her paintings and drawings deal mainly with universal concepts and are based on her perceptions of life and the very illusive nature of reality.


Helena Tiainen often paints and draws what are usually considered the more etherial and delicate sides of life. But the forms in her paintings and drawings are also often metaphors and represent ways that she as a human being relates to the world and the cosmos at large. She chooses forms and colors that hold meaning and feeling to her and she paints and draws that which has an impact on her. She likes to delve deep into the spirit of her subject matter as she consciously and subconsciously perceives it. She trusts her feelings and ideas/cues that come to her while painting and drawing and creating art and follows them in making choices on the canvas and paper and even the computer screen. Often these choices are so fast that there is no real analytic thinking process involved. If she does not get an instant "yes" feeling about a choice made, she may need to step back and take a good look at the picture from a distance. The process of painting and drawing and creating art has taught her much about the process of life itself.

What really calls out for Helena Tiainen artistically is the mysterious, the radiant, the hidden and the intimate in the every day as well as in the so called peak experiences. She is very attracted to beauty and balance and some of her work has humorous as well as edgy aspects to it. Her orientation in life as well as in art is mainly spiritual and sensual with intellect playing a supportive but very important role. Her greatest muse is nature and her imagination but she has also been very influenced by many artists that came before her. Among these artists are Georgia O'Keeffe, Mark Rothko, African, Aboriginal and Native American Primitive and Tribal Art, Kandinsky, Malevich, Paul Klee and Henri Matisse to name a few. Of Finnish artists her greatest influence has been Gallen-Kallela. Other well known people whose life philosophies have had a deep influence on Helena Tiainen include Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. She has also been influenced by many Eastern philosophies and ways of thinking. Helena Tiainen draws her inspiration from her surroundings and experiences, both familiar and new, micro and macro, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. She believes that one cannot take the artist out of their art. If the artist is true to themselves the product they produce is very much a reflection of them and the unique way that they experience life in human form. At its highest level this experience becomes universal and many others can identify with the artist's experience or have the art open up new possibilities of seeing and being for them.

There are times that Helena Tiainen is inspired to paint or draw from real life/models but more often she paints and draws from her memory, feelings and imagination and almost certainly in any of her work she has at some point gone into using material from her inner experiences. She likes to paint with water media, acrylics and watercolors, because of the spontaneity and flow that these allow. She also likes to push her limits and experiment with new media and different ways of using a familiar one. Her folded canvas and mixed media sculptural paintings are a good example of this. In her folded canvas paintings she manipulates cut pieces of canvas to create folded 3-D forms that are attached on the stretched canvas or canvas board with acrylic mediums and later painted with acrylics. In her mixed media paintings she uses anything from beads to found/recycled objects and acrylic paints and mediums to create the desired results. Helena Tiainen's ink drawings are also highly innovative in their multi-dimensional presentation. Recently Helena has also started manipulating some of her paintings and drawings digitally. Her The Joy of Design series compilation arrangements are a good example of what can be achieved by digitally manipulating a painting or a group of paintings. You can view these works at www.helena-tiainen.artistwebsites.comOpens in new window


For Helena Tiainen art is continuous exploration of both the unknown and the so called familiar. It is an attempt to see with an open heart. She feels that all art aims at capturing a glimpse of the essential nature of that which is being observed and experienced. To her making art is also play and she often gets joy out of the act of painting and drawing. She hopes to bring wonder and pleasure to others thru her creations.

Helena Tiainen welcomes inquiries concerning her work. You can contact her via this web site.



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