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Art For Healthcare

Art For Healthcare

We’ve all felt the positive benefits of a beautiful piece of art. Most of us have stood in front of a painting and felt our emotions stir, our mood lift and our heart smile in the presence of its energy and life. But art can do so much more than simply improve our moods: it is proven to have health-giving powers too.

There is evidence to suggest that art can be used in the treatment of many common complaints, and serious illness alike; ranging from depression, anxiety, and stress, right up to cancer. This is the power of art that The Elements of Bright Sun Foundation (TEOBS) is aiming to harness to help those in need.

The Elements of Bright Sun: Healing with Color

TEOBS is a non-profit organization in California that provides a bridge between artists and people who are in need of the positivity their vibrant art brings. Artists such as Maya Green ( in new window) donate their work to the organization and it is auctioned off on their website www.teobs.orgOpens in new window. The proceeds provide Giclée prints to be donated free of charge to hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and health centers; where their energy can help to improve the health and wellbeing of sick people.

How Color Affects Health: The Science of Color Therapy

Scientists have known for a long time that different colors are made up of light energy vibrating at specific frequencies. The way this energy bounces off objects is what tells us their color and dimensions. The cells of our body respond to the different vibrations of colors and in this way the body can absorb the energy of the color.

It is thought that when energy in the body is blocked or stagnated this is when sickness arises: the body is not vibrating to a particular frequency, or its energy is out of balance. This is where art can play a vital part in healthcare because it has been shown that color can help to rebalance the body's energy and help it to heal itself.

Using the Power of Color: Healing Through Art

Color therapy can be applied in the form of lights, or guided visualization directing energy to the parts of the body that require healing. But art can also be one of the most enjoyable ways to transmit the positive energy of color. Placing art where it can be viewed by the sick, can help their bodies begin to heal themselves, as they respond to the vibrations of the colors that are lacking or blocked within themselves.

Irena Orlov, founder and creator of TEOBS says: “Color and light have the most incredible ability to change a person's outlook and wellbeing. By placing artwork in facilities where many people in need of uplift have access to it, we are affecting tangible results in improving health and happiness. It is beautiful to see the radiance people feel when they are moved by a stunning piece of art.”

Maya Green's work is a fantastic example of healing through colors; her paintings literally pulsate with energy. Those viewing them can have no doubt of their immense power and healing capability. Her bright, vivid colors leap off the canvas and into the consciousness of those viewing them. Her art is a vehicle that brings light and positivity to thousands of people and epitomizes the work of TEOBS foundation.

For more on TEOBS- http://www.teobs.orgOpens in new window in new window

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