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Cleaning the Cart, Ireland

Cleaning the Cart, Ireland
Sunflower Fine Art

“For me, a successful painting is one that stands on its own visual merits. It requires no verbal explanation or justification. The image reflects an understanding of composition, shape, relationships, and color that is inherently obvious. The skill of the artist’s brush is evident in every stroke. And, the passion that went into creating the work is captured on the canvas and emanates to the viewer. This is what I am drawn to as an art enthusiast and what I strive for as a painter.”

"There came a point in my life when I knew I could paint, but had to give thought to what did I want to paint?

This led me to examine my life and remember the joy I had in hearing the tales of Ireland from my relatives, especially my mom. I loved the Irish music and dancing and most especially the Irish people. With the world rapidly changing, I wanted to hold on to some of the memories, so I devoted myself to painting things Irish."

--"I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy painting it."

Item Price 
2010 11"x14" oil on linen board $3,000.00  sold

• Seller location: Garden City, New York, United States
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   Paintings & Prints > People & Figures > Other People & Figures > Male
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