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Mixed Media on paper   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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The Upturned Arrow
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The Upturned Arrow
Holi Art Gallery

I self-taught myself to use art as a self-healing procedure. I began painting nonobjective art like the ones you see in this gallery since 2003. In many ways engaging in this kind of art activity has helped me get away from stress and come back to reality with a fresh mindset. After completing the series of paintings, I get a feeling of achievement that I became a medium to a creation not yet materialized. It is like I have reflected my “feeling of that moment” in vivid color on paper.
I started as a photographer. The scene captured by my camera becomes visible to anyone who sees that photo regardless of that person being there in that photo moment, which has passed forever. I’d marvel that. The biggest difference I found between photography and paintings of this genre is, it is virtually impossible for me to take a photograph of my imagination. Painting does bring to being, unseen images of my mind. That realization liberated me and urged me to pick up my paintbrush.
I am very proud to show you these paintings because, sitting down to paint them non-stop from afternoon to nightfall for weeks, was like disciplined meditation. No one can fully describe the experience of meditation in words. I tried to describe it in images instead.
I sketched them all one afternoon. When coloring, I did not color them to completion one by one. As soon as I was done with a part of one, I picked up another in cycles so continuous and addicting that many reached completion one day. Each one of these paintings is like a bead in a prayer bead necklace. Like I touch them briefly saying the mantra and swiftly move on to the next one.
That final brush stoke of completion came to many paintings one fine afternoon together. I rejoiced looking at all the complete ones. I’m uploading them on my website, a few at a time.
If you liked any one of them and do purchase one, I’d like you to remember that what you purchased only a part of the big process of this series creation. Each one is a part of that first afternoon’s melodrama-like creative drive, performed in calm solitude.
ARTIST: Astha Tuladhar, who is a native of Nepal, currently resides in Kilgore, TX
SIZE OF ARTWORK: 9 by 12 Inch enclosed in 11 by 14 Inch White Mat.
MEDIUM USED: Acrylic Paint & Charcoal, finalized by a fixation spray.
PRICE: $ 45 ( Open to negotiation because I’d hate to not be able to afford to buy art I like.)
PAYMENT: You can choose to pay using this site or directly at PAYPAL. There is a 10% discount in direct transactions.
SHIPPING AND HANDLING: Free shipping for deliveries within the US. For other places there will be an extra charge depending on the way of delivery you can specify. These paintings are matted. I can mail them in mailing tubes too for convenience and protection as well. Please specify when you order.
Contact Person: Astha Tuladhar
LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS & CRITIQUE: Please feel free to rate my artwork. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on critique this artwork.

A BIG THANK YOU FOR VIEWING MY ARTWORK- Looking at art online is like star gazing these days! I hope you felt like you spotted a shooting star when you clicked this page.
Till Next Time Adieu Art lovers!!!

Item Price 
12 by 9 Inches (Acrylic on Paper) $45.00  Add to CartMake Offer

• Seller location: Kilgore, Texas, United States
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   Paintings & Prints > Abstract > Color
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