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Ethnic & Tribal   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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Toddler Fall Boots
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Toddler Fall Boots
White Buffalo Designs

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Our little Tutua'a Yepani Kepataa Nempeh (Toddler Fall Boots), are just right for the transition stages…while the child is learning to walk in soled shoes.
The soft yet firm sole helps their muscles develop properly, for balance and agility, neurological feedback and growth, among other benefits.

They are Unlined, no sheepskin or rabbit inside. But can also be worn with or without socks, as they are entirely suede inside.
The upper is super soft deerskin that feels like a whisper to wear.

We make them in the same way as our adult boots, with a seven layer sole. This is a firm, but soft, sole that will conform to the feet just like a cork sole would…only much softer.

This pair has an outer sole of suede, which is perfect for indoors, and outdoors dry days. The suede outer sole does not slip on smooth flooring, or while climbing around on ladders and poles in the playground (usually, but they have been known to slip in tarzan jumps).

The actual sole pictured measures 5 inches long, and 2 inches wide…so please measure the child’s foot.
This pair IS for sale, and will be perfect for feet that are 4 to 4 ½ inches long. Plenty of room to grow :)

If you would like to order a Custom Fitted pair, we would be happy to make them for you. Please contact us for sizing.

Most of the children who wear our boots, love to put them on. They can slip them on by themselves, and usually do not want to take them off.
I would say the funniest was a one year old, who wanted to sleep in them. She was so cute…we just had to make her a pair not so solid to sleep in.

All beads are securely sewn in place with a double laced waxed linen cord, so they cannot come off easily. We used old style tile crow beads on this pair.
Please know, that each pair will be individual, no two alike. If you order a custom pair, they will not look just like these, but we will speak with you about colour and design.

Happy feet and smiling children!

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• Seller location: Terrell, Texas, United States
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   Textile & Apparel > Apparel > Infants & Toddlers > Shoes
   Crafts & Other Art > Leathercraft
   Antiques & Collectibles > Ethnic & Tribal > Native American
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