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Ethnic & Tribal   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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Winter Boots - Short
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Winter Boots - Short
White Buffalo Designs

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Our Custom Fitted tommo kepihte nampeh (short winter boots) are lined with extra thick soft shearling (sheep skin) throughout the boot…surrounding your feet in cozy warmth.
The upper is fully lined with rabbit, and is folded in a double layer. It is so soft and smooth, letting your feet slip into or out of the boots easily.
The outer leather in the pictured pair cow, for it’s strength, but they can be crafted with moose, or deer when available.

The soles are made from the tracings of your feet, so each one will fit perfectly. We make them with 7 layers of skin, and then cap this with another outer piece. Then there is the shearling for the inner layer.
As you walk on these soles, they will conform to your feet, much like a cork sole, but so much softer.

There is no need to wear socks (unless you prefer to) even in temperatures down to -10 F. Maybe even lower, but we have only been out in them, down to -10.

They are not waterproof, but when we make them we will rub them well with mink oil…and a tin of oil will be shipped to you with your boots. (They can be crafted with an oiltan outter sole if needed)
It is alright if they get wet, they are skin and will dry fine. They are best in dry snow though.
Some people have put things like snow seal on the soles, and that makes them hold up to wetter snow without absorbing water.

The soles will last between a year and five years, depending on where you walk. A year on gravely pavement…and up to five years on the earth, is about the norm.
I walk everywhere in them, and mine have been through two winters, and may make it through one more before I need to re-sole them.

We will re-sole them for you when it is needed, just let us know and we can work out the details. (we will keep your individual patterns for future re-soles)

PLEASE place orders for CHRISTMAS before NOVEMBER 1st...the sooner, the better, because they take a long while to make, and we would like to be sure they arrive on time.

The way it works;

• You send us a tracing of each foot on paper

• You also send a string which measures over the bridge of each foot to the floor on each side (this is important to be sure there is no pressure on the feet)

• You must attach the string to the tracing so that we know which foot the string belongs to, with tape, or paper clip

• You then mail these to us.

• Then when we receive your custom measurements, we will make your custom fitted boots.

• Please allow between 6 to 8 weeks, these boots are completely handcrafted.

• We will be in contact with you via email, to cover all of the details, such as, would you like them plain, or with our artwork…If we have a choice of rabbit fur colour we will send you photos and you can choose…things like that.

The entire boot is double needle stitched, by hand, with heavy waxed linen thread. These boots are completely made with natural materials.

The images shown are without artwork, some people like them plain, or to add their own decorations..
If you would like artwork, we can do that.
Our original artwork is never the same, it is a story with no words. So the artwork on your boots, will be individual, and there will be no others done quite like them.
If you choose to add your own beadwork, or other personal work, we would love to see photos.

This listing is for One Custom pair of our native style Tommo Kepihte Nampeh (winter boots, short…)
*The images shown are already spoken for kepihte nampeh (boots), and they are not for sale. Your boots will be newly handcrafted.

• When you place an order, we will contact you to work with you individually.

Orders for children 5 years old and smaller, we will make them with room enough to grow, and they will be 50 % less than the adult price. (they are made just as well, and have the same cozy warmth)

Orders for children 6 to 12 year old, will also be made with room enough to grow, and will be 25% less than the adult price. (they are also made just as well, and have the same cozy warmth)

• Please contact us for children’s orders, and we will create a separate listing just for you.

Walk softly...

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Handcrafted Winter Boots - Short $535.00  Add this item to your cartMake Offer

• Seller location: Terrell, Texas, United States
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