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"Traveling with Love"

"Traveling with Love"
Tanya Besedina

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clay on wood
size 10" x 15"

Fairy Tales are beautiful, artistic expressions of real life. They tell universal stories that contain all of the elements of the wide arc of the human experience. They know us and we know them. They speak to us at the core of ourselves because, for most of us, we internalized their unique messages at the early beginnings of our life journey. And we heard these special tales through the warm voices of people we love, often in the wonderful security of their embrace.

Fairy Tales offer us special interpretations of the concepts of struggle, temptation, doubt, fear, self-discovery, courage, and triumph. The common denominator in all fairy tales is that from the act of struggle the protagonist finds their way to grace and understanding. For it is only by facing their greatest fear that they discover the depth of their courage. And by doing so they become heroes. Heroes, not just because they have overcome great obstacles, but because they faced a challenge that enabled them to become introduced to the best in themselves. A beautiful encounter that changes them forever. And in this way, they truly live happily ever after.

"Happily ever after" is what we all secretly yearn for as we face our own struggles in life. This is why the Fairy Tale has become such an important component in my work. For I believe that "happily ever after" exists in the joy we find in the people we are blessed to have around us every day. My work is an expression of these universal stories that speak to us about family, relationships, growing up, learning what love truly means, and the power that it has in our lives.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the lives of Special Needs children and the people fortunate enough to share their journey. My inspiration for my work flows to me from my unbelievably special 4-year old daughter, Yasna, who happily greets the world through the challenge of Cerebral Palsy and Visual and Hearing impairment. When I watch her accept the world with her own special caress, I am witnessing the fulfillment of every Fairy Tale I have ever encountered. For in the place that exists just beyond each unique expression of her struggle, she truly lives "happily ever after", for she sees a new world in every moment, and she fearlessly sets out to discover it. She is an expression of all of what makes a Fairy Tale special. For, simply put, she is a hero.

• Seller location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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   Sculptures & Carvings > Fantasy & Mythology > Fantasy Men & Women > Couples
   Ceramics & Pottery > Tiles
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