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Ione Citrin 
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The Grotto

The Grotto
Ione Citrin

Whitney came to the beach at night when she could be alone with her thoughts. She always went to the same spot that particularly appealed to her. An area behind a strange looking building. Everything was deserted, dark, and quiet except for the roll of the waves. She would get lost in her reverie. One night she discovered a tiny cave behind a shallow waterfall on the beach. She peered into it using her flashlight.

There appeared to be a strange "thing" placed all the way to the back of the cave. She stared at this object for some time until she finally realized it was some kind of religious statue. She was fascinated. It seemed to call out to her, but then so did the strange house. She looked back at the building behind her, scouring it with the flashlight. It looked like a weird temple of sorts. A shiver went down her spine; she was cold and very tired. Dressing quickly she decided she would get Josh to come back with her. He would know what to do.

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30" x 20" oil on canvas $1,700.00  Add to CartMake Offer

• Seller location: Los Angeles, California, United States
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