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gregory myrick 
 About The Artist
 Paintings And Prints.
About The Artist
gregory myrickWelcome to my gallery!

BEFORE CHECKING OUT THIS PAGE ,ALSO REMEMBER TO GO TO FACEBOOK AND TYPE IN , , AND STUDY MY FACE BOOK PICTURES......I'm Gregory Myrick, a professional Artist from Savannah,Georgia but originally derived from Key West,Florida. I learned and started my painting by taking a lot of water color work shops when I was living in Key West since I was 7 yrs old and from there my painting career evolved. I have been painting for over 29 years and I have a total of 469 originally hand-painted art work in my hand and it is my dream that my arts will find its way into your hearts and into your home then to become an iconic artist of the world.

My paintings cover many different themes such as; Jazz Art , R&B Music Art, African-American Culture, local and historical landmarks of Savannah, Nature and Wildlife, the Anti-Bellium South-from cotton fields to civil war,the Famous & Legendary Artist & performers, Sports ICONS and more. Through out my career I have won numerous awards and prizes in various art shows and painting to me is a never-ending cycle of life. It is my passion, it is what I love the most, it is what makes me a reputable man and a Legendary Artist of Savannah,Georgia.

My art work: I retain all rights afforded to me by copyright law; including copy rights,printing,distribution and marketing of original work that I painted unless I sign those rights away formally and documented.

All my prints that I ship out will be hand signed by me and dated and that is a genuine proof of copy/prints I distributed personally amongst my clientele while the original copy, once sold or being bought from me at highest price, I deliver them personally when possible, otherwise special shipping will be charged accordingly.

When I'm not painting I enjoy playing Chess Game.

Should anyone had idea with money making for the use of my talent and art work, then please let me know. I am looking for possible investors who could come up with a brilliant form of investing to make my arts profitable with reasonable returns or sponsors to do an art exhibit for a cause and benefit of any charitable institutions,schools,gov't/non-gov't agencies, orgnizations and other private agencies or museum to form a gallery representations of my arts.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my art work in new window and there will be more paintings to come.

If anyone are interested to carry my prints in their bussiness or stores for resale, please call me: 912-398-8439

To write me a postal mail, send letter to: Gregory Myrick, P.O Box 8984, Savannah, GA. 31412.

All of my prints are large and printed on high quality acid-free art stock-ideal for framing.(Note: the low-resolution digital photo that you will see now on your computer does not do justice to my prints, you will have to see one in your hands to really appreciate my arts.The prints are much nicer,with vivid poping out colors compared to what you see now on your computer.)

I hope you have a wonderful experience visiting my page and love my artistry.

Thank you very much!

Gregory Myrick The Artist
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