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G. Lewis MacLeod 
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Teiwaz Celtae

Teiwaz Celtae
G. Lewis MacLeod

Pointalism with airbrushed background. Offset litho LEP of 350. On PH balanced Bristol 14"W X 24"H
Hand numbered, titled and signed in 5B Pencil.
Celtic Fantasy, the Warrior Rune Teiwaz signifies victory (specifically in Battle.) A guiding planet or star, and the God Tiw. The Celts took the heads of fallen enemies in battle beleiving that their enemies strength, kowledge,prowess & spirit would be absorbed into themselves. Visages and skulls can be found in the scales of this warriors armor. His Tattoo's and Branding are ancient Pictish spiral/Knot work designs

G. Lewis MacLeod also accepts commissions for work in many other subjects, genres, and interests. He is able to work in many varied mediums, and styles. Including: Fine art, Illustration, and also Wall Art Murals, Borders, and accents, Automotive Airbrushing, and More. Please contact this artisit with any questions or comments you may have.

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• Seller location: Northglenn, Colorado, United States
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   Paintings & Prints > Ethnic, Cultural, & Tribal > Other Ethnic, Cultural, & Tribal
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