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Michelangelo Zetterquist 
 Neptunus Equestris
 Sketches for Sketches
 Caterpillar & 4 Alices
 Evolution of Language
 Palazzo Bolovo
 Arms of Aten
 Matthew 7:1
 Funeral Procession
 Facade Study
 Lion Head Fountain
 Field of all possibility
 Biblia Sacra
 What Happens Next?
 Apotheosis Mural
 New! Snap-shots
 Apotheosis H
 Under Construction 1
 Wheelchair Painting 13
 Wheelchair Painting 7
 Temple 5 Alkahest/Stages
 Portrait Studio
 Wheelchair Painting 2
 Handfuls Painting 1
 Handfuls Painting 6 b
 Invisible College
 (a) perture Gallery
 Temple series 1-20
 Virgos Vitruvius Colossi
 Two Major Handfuls Pt 2
 Ideas for Edward Longo
 Not to forget
 Wheelchair Painting 20
 Oxygen (a) Nine Orders
 Pure Thought April 2006
 Handfuls Painting 6 a
 The Thinker
 The Essence
 Ingredients (concepts)
 Optimist (c)
 ***** New Images 2*****
 Handfuls Painting 6 c

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