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Michelangelo Zetterquist 
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Unrefined idea 15 Highwire

Unrefined idea 15 Highwire
Michelangelo Zetterq...

Pure Thought and the Unrefined Ideas detail 15.

I'm developing something concerning type rope walking. Highwire worlds. A place where everyone walks the highwire wherever they go. I wanted to draw two boxers on the highwire, the ropes on the ring are there but no floor, no net.

Quote from Wikipedia:

A genius is a person of great intelligence, who shows an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work. Geniuses always show strong individuality and imagination, and are not only intelligent, but unique and innovative. The term may also be applied to someone who is a polymath, such as Goethe or da Vinci, but a polymath is generally considered a well-rounded genius, gifted in many areas, e.g. math, physics, art, poetry, etc.[1] Einstein, for instance, was a genius in physics, but not necessarily in other areas such as art or literature.

Although the term "genius" is sometimes used to denote the possession of a superior talent in any field, e.g., Roger Federer may be said to have a genius for tennis or Winston Churchill for statesmanship, in many of these cases the term is applied incorrectly and should instead be used specifically to denote an exceptional natural capacity of intellect and creative originality in areas of art, literature, music, science and mathematics.

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8" x 11" ink on type paper n/a  not for sale

• Seller location: Park City, Utah, United States
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   Drawings & Illustration > Fantasy & Mythology > Other Fantasy & Mythology
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