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Julianne Richards 
 Welcome! Please Read....
 2009 Collection
 2008 Collection
 2007 Abstract Collection
 2007 paper/canvas-board
 The pastel series 2007
 Collection: 2006
 Pastels/Charcoal 2006
Welcome! Please Read....
Julianne RichardsDecember 2008:
Holiday Season is here. Which means all artwork is on sale throughout the month of December. This includes my new collection, and all past work from my remaining collection, with special considerations price-wise regarding all the pieces from 2006 through 2007. Feel free to use the "Make Offer Option" available on the checkout section of my Yessy checkout page. I live in NYC, but ship (satisfaction guaranteed) "UPS Priority"-Domestic and International.
So, if you would like to purchase some art that suits your own taste, or as a Gift for someone else, know that yet while STILL affordable, it is also an "investment!!"
My original work has nearly tripled in value in the mere thirteen months that it has been tracked. Every one of my paintings comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from EBSQ. Only the highest Quality materials are used-from the creation of each painting to the arrival at your door-your purchase is signed, protected, and always comes with a seven day refund if for any REASON YOU ARE NOT FULLY SATISFIED. Documenting EACH PIECE OF its 100% Originality is a COA from EBSQ, which I am registered with. Now is the TIME!

To the left of this page are the collections titled by year. You may click on any collection /gallery and scroll through thumbnail images of each painting. To see the enlarged version and all its details, simply put mouse over the image and click! You will be directed to the larger page, descriptions, price, and a "cart" for purchases. Any questions you may have simply go back to this page and scroll to "contact" and you will be able to email me directly. All emails are answered personally.
Thank you.
Julianne Richards aka "the Colorspeaker"

UPDATE: Spring of 2008:
March 13, 2008
The "Artist of the Month" (March '08)Interview, with NYC's Painter/artist, Julianne Richards, is at this Link : in new window

Check it out!
Reviews and Comments:
"Julianne Richards is an extraordinary artist living in New York City. Her range of interests is varied and she draws on these interests for her paintings. She is known as The Colorspeaker. I hope you will enjoy getting to know Julianne and her art through this lively conversation, and will then visit her web site."
written by Kim Rodeffer Funk

Julianne's personal site (updated regularly as well as newsletter group for art lovers of all types! http://www.colorspeaker.comOpens in new window

SALE! UPDATE DECEMBER 2007: SALE! I am running a sale on my collection through the month of December.
There are still several quality and contemporary pieces left; However,they have been selling quickly through several ads I have been running...So, to Yessy visitors, get an original, modern, and Upscale piece that is still affordable while they are available.
Happy Holidays to everyone who has touched my life, particularly through the connecting of my artwork. I cannot thank you enough.
Warm Regards,
"The Colorspeaker"
Julianne Richards

About the artist:
Hello, my name is Julianne Richards. I am an artist/musician/songwriter/painter-my "job" has been primarily a songwriter, and I have records for sale. However, I have been painting for about six years. I now paint full time, and have created a studio in my NYC apartment where there is nothing but PAINTING. From sketches of ideas, to the canvases where those very "ideas" have come to their fruition- I paint to-live-to-live-to- paint. Thus, it is from those endeavors that i bring you this collection of some of my latest paintings, as well as some of my mixed media work: pastel and charcoal...2006 was one of those years of massive upheaval...but with reflection, and finally, understanding and learning.
The year 2007 has started off with the fury of creativity, and painting has become a daily, hourly, central focus in my creation of Art. I hope to bring forth my best work thus far, and I am up for challenge. Thank you to everyone who has supported me, purchased my art, and given words of encouragement. It shows, and I will respond in the making of new and focused paintings.
Warm Regards,
Julianne Richards

You can check out my blog, updated regularly with new paintings, thoughts, comments and plenty of other information at:
http://www.colorspeaker.comOpens in new window
Or, some music and art at:
http://www.juliannemusic.comOpens in new window
All of my paintings are copy-righted and documentation of their "Originality" come from Ebsq:
<a href="http://www.ebsqart.comOpens in new window"><img src=" in new window" Height="228" Width="166" border="0"></a>
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