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"I am grateful to Yessy! I had my gallery posted under the free 14 day trial. After two days I sold my art! The hits were outstanding! Definitely a winning website for art!"- Steve J.
"Really cool... I just wanted a website that I could direct my art customers too... didn't care if I sold something but I did... I sold something in the trial period."- Michael
"Your site is an awesome advantage to have in promotion and I am very happy with the presentation. You've helped me find an outlet for my art and I look forward to adding more and more work. I'm glad I stumbled upon it that day. No other site compares. Thank you."- Jason K.
"I would like to complement you on your web site. It is by far the easiest site I have used. I am an eBayer with over 950 positive feedbacks and feel eBay could learn much from you."- Laura S.
"In my past art history I thought I had enough exposure. I had attended many art shows, in my younger days won awards, did demos for them and some workshops, belonged to different art guilds. It was fun and did sell my art but I must say I have never experienced exposure like Yessy. You people are the best! There is nothing negative. All positive. My hat is off to you. Thanks for the great exposure!"- Ray A.
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