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David Lewis-Baker 
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African Bull Elephant -Threat Stance

African Bull Elephant -Threat Stance
David Lewis-Baker

One of a series of works based on the African Bull Elephant, a truely magnificent creature which deserves as much as we do to survive into future centuries. Below is a poem of mine dedicated to all elephants. A close friend calls it 'the superior beast' and I dedicate this work to her as well.


With graceful power

And gently swaying gait

Huge wrinkled feet

Compress the soft

Red ochre earth

With effortless

Titanic force

The grey questioning trunk

Flexible as an

Agile instrument

Probes the wind for inspiration

Black acacia-eyes fix the distant horizon

With ebony intent

Embossed translucent ears

Flap above the vast belly

Marbled sheaths of extinctive ivory

Protrude from the bulbous head

Obstinately guarding an

Ageless inquisitive wisdom

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• Seller location: Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, United Kingdom
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