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David Lewis-Baker 
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Yaguára (Pantha Onca - and poem)

Yaguára (Pantha Onca - and poem)
David Lewis-Baker

A work depicting the wonderful South American Jaguar. Below is a poem of mine based on the 'Yaguára':


Swathed in the dark cathedraled canopy

High above the forest floor

The ever-vigilant eyes

Of Platyrrhine apes

Detect a shadowy sinuous form

Drifting through the dappled shade

And pierce the fetid air

With screams of fatal warning

To earthly realms of fear

To 17th century Portuguese - Yaguára

Latin name Panthera Onca

Of the Family Felidae

Amazonian alligator killer

Svelte yellow-black knife

Of silent sleek power

Fading through the light

On padded paws

Untamed vixen of the night

Crouching springboard

Of coiled aggression

And deft dispatching power

Swish-tailed balance

Glinting eyeballed attention

Muscle packed force

Cloaked in forested ambush

One sinuous flash of graceful power

Executed with laser accuracy

Ending vital life

With implacable force

Above the place of death

The cacophony of fear subsides

And well concealed from lightening skies

The solitary Yaguára lies

In inky-black repose

Lady of this twilight zone

With coal-black feline eyes

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• Seller location: Bath, Bath And North East Somerset, United Kingdom
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