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TEOBS Uses Art to Heal the Sick
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TEOBS Uses Art to Heal the Sick

A Foundation inspired by the work of artist Maya Green, donates valuable art to those in need of uplift.


PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 03, 2009 – The Elements of Bright Sun (TEOBS) foundation in California aims to help sick people by harnessing the power of colors to promote healing.

The theory of color therapy is millennia old; however TEOBS are now using color therapy by placing bright and brilliant art like Maya Green’s in hospitals, clinics and health centers to improve the wellbeing of patients.

Founder of TEOBS Irena Orlov says: “We all know the incredible positivity we feel from a beautiful painting. For people who are sick and in need of emotional uplift that positivity can promote healing, as their bodies respond to the energy of the colors. This is what

TEOBS foundation is all about; we want to give as many people as possible the chance to receive healing energy from art.”

Color therapy, which has even been used by NASA to treat its astronauts in space, works on the theory that every color has its own vibration or frequency. When the body is not receiving a particular frequency its energy is blocked and this is when sickness arises.
Then the body can be stimulated to heal itself by exposure to the frequencies, or colors that it is lacking.

TEOBS aims to stimulate those who are sick by placing dynamic and energetic artwork wherever it can have the greatest positive effect. The foundation relies on artists like Maya Green donating their work, which is then auctioned off to raise money to supply hospitals with Giclée prints of the work. These are placed permanently in prominent places where their energy can be received by the sick.

So far Maya Green, whose work positively vibrates with energy, has donated seven paintings to the project. She says: "I'm an artist because it's my nature and, in a certain way, my instinct; I can't live the other way. When people see my paintings I'd like them to be happier and kinder." No doubt with her amazing work with TEOBS foundation she will be bringing happiness and health to many of those who need it most.

For more information:
TEOBS http://www.teobs.orgOpens in new window in new window

• Seller location: Los Angeles, California, United States
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