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Maureen W. Clifton 
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Lotus in A Lake (framed)
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  Lotus in A Lake (framed) Lotus in A Lake, View 2, framed Lotus in A Lake (screen) Lotus in A Lake (motif)  

Lotus in A Lake (framed)
Maureen W. Clifton

Thank you for visiting my Yessy Art Gallery! Please consider purchasing my art. Any Intuitive Fine Art &/or Medieval Arts Misty Isles items SOLD on Yessy will have a percentage of said Sale Donated to a Charity. Please see my BIO for details. Price has been reduced.

'Lotus in A Lake’ is the 8th Intuitive Fine Art item in my ‘I Am’ Miniature Series. As a Needlepoint Artist, I design a variety of styles.

Creating this item took many hours, due to its design complexity in details & small size with careful attention to exactly how the motif was created.

Imagine a Lotus Blossom in a multitude of color with sparkling crystals floating upon a serene lake with just enough movement in the water to catch the eye as it magically winks, as if to say, “Do you see me now?”

Its design brings it into high contract & shows a depth of dimensional aspects, as the Lotus Blossom design draws one’s eye into its center where its delicate detailing creates an illusion of an ever-ending design, due to its circular shape.

Be sure to see the closer views to appreciate the intricacy of this item’s details. Depending upon the lighting, the colors in this item, even its frame, seem to change, as if it is in motion.

If one were to consider the Lotus Blossom’s lines as a Labyrinth & as if one were walking their ‘Life Path’ with
its many crossroads, turns & switchbacks, one may find there really are a multitude of ‘Spiritual Crossroads’throughout the life process.

In order to navigate through life with balance, it often requires the ‘Wisdom to Know the Difference’ in one’s decision when one arrives at each ‘Life Challenge.’ What one does really matters.

It is recognizing a life event is a challenge, making decisions about it with discretion & then acting toward a
situation that truly makes a difference for any outcome – whether for one’s self or when a situation involves other people.

This item has a self-stand attached to its frame. If one desires to do so, a small easel would display it wonderfully (an easel is not included).

This Intuitive Fine Art will display nicely, no matter where one choses to place it: on a shelf, a mantle, one’s desk or a personal altar.

Frame Size Overall: 4.5 inches wide x 3.5 inches high. Custom Painted in a Pearly Grey-Blue.

Metal Motif Size: 1.5 inch diameter.

Background Screen Size: 3.25 inches x 2.25 inches.

Screen Stitch Size: 10 stitches-per-inch.

Threads: Pearl Cotton, Metallic & Strand Embroidery threads.

Method, Screen: Needlepoint.
Method, Motif: Thread Weaving.

Beads: 12 clear, sparkling faceted beads add sparkle around the Lotus Blossom.

One might see this Intuitive Fine Art piece as a representation of the Human Chakras & ‘Aura Light’ by which, humans have the good graces of the Creator to keep one ever on a Spiritual Life Path if it is one’s desire.

As one strives to maintain balance, find peace & love during life, often agreeing humans are all from our Creator – it is possible to live in harmony with all humans & with Nature.

It is then humans grow upon a spiritual path to understand their connection to everything on Earth & in the Universe.

This item is priced reasonably for our current times & its price has been reduced.

Thank you for visiting my Yessy Art Gallery. Learn of the Human Soul & what ‘The Holy Grail’ is in my Book, ‘Insights Into the Soul!’ It & other of my books can be purchased through AuthorsDen: in new window

Please see my BIO herein for more about me & what I do. Visit my ‘Medieval Arts Misty Isles’ Gallery herein to see my Medieval Drawings, Artistic Costumes (Medieval Clothing worn in Modern Society for Medieval Events) & other Creations in that venue!

© All Rights Reserved for all time on All Photos, Artwork & Designs Created by Maureen W. Clifton, Intuitive Artist & Author on my Yessy Art Gallery. All Sales are Final.

“Do Nothing & Nothing Changes. Do Something & the Whole World Can Change! Say Nothing & Nothing Changes. Say Something & the Whole World Can Change! Likewise, Create Nothing & Nothing Changes. Create Something & the Whole World Can Change!” ~Maureen (March 2009)

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