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Maureen W. Clifton 
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Three-Fold Heart Flame (framed)
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  Three-Fold Heart Flame (framed) Three--Fold Heart Flame (screen)  

Three-Fold Heart Flame (framed)
Maureen W. Clifton

Thank you for visiting my Yessy Art Gallery! Please consider purchasing my art. Any Intuitive Fine Art &/or Medieval Arts Misty Isles items SOLD on Yessy will have a percentage of said Sale Donated to a Charity. Please see my BIO for details. Price has been reduced.

Three-Fold Heart Flame’ has always received many praises at show!

Be sure to see closer view herein to appreciate this delicate, yet bold & high contrast Fine Art design!

In a burnished golden 9.5 inch wide x 11.5 inch high Frame & it surrounds this Fine Art with the ‘Golden Light’ of the Divine.

Screen: 3 inch square, set on a diagonal.

Stitch Size: 10 stitches-to-the-inch.

Thread: Pearl Cotton & Metallic.

It creates an 'Enlightened Aura' & its colors flow in a delightfully balanced design, ever rising upwards in the column of Divine ‘Golden Light!’

Seen in the lower part is a 'Bowl of Life's Abundance' combining the Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul within – as one succeeds on a Spiritual Path.

The top & bottom of the column appear to be woven, just as the patterns of life weaves its way ever forward on one’s path & binds the Earth to the Heavens.

'Three-Fold Heart Flame' with a secondary title of ‘Life’s Spiritual Awareness’ is seen with its predominant Heart Chakra shown deep pink. Within the Heart are 3 flames: Love (pink), The Divine (yellow) & Truth (blue).

These aspects create within one’s being & are anchored by the two strands of Crystals, Gemstones & Specialty beads that include: Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet, Aventurine, Jade, Amethyst, Fresh Water Pearl, rainbow & gold tone spacers. At the end of one strand is a Golden Sun & the other has two Brass Bells.

Its background’s blue cloth is a grid that may give the thought of Life’s Grid, Earth’s Oceans, the Universe or the 'Ley Lines' of Earth or the
'Tachyon Grid' in space. It creates a diamond shape immediately around the square, creating another layer of dimension.

To read more of one’s Soul, see my bio for my book: ‘Insights into the Soul!’ © All Rights Reserved on All Photos, Artwork & Designs Created by Maureen W. Clifton – as an Artist &/or Author, as seen herein my Yessy Art Gallery. Thank you for visiting my Yessy Art Gallery. Please see my BIO for more about me & what I do. Visit my ‘Medieval Arts Misty Isles’ Gallery herein to see my Pen & Ink Art, Artistic Costumes, Newsletter Covers & other Creations in that venue! All Sales are Final.

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