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Maureen W. Clifton 
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Glorious Third Eye (framed)
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  Glorious Third Eye (framed) Glorious Third Eye (screen detail)  

Glorious Third Eye (framed)
Maureen W. Clifton

Thank you for visiting my Yessy Art Gallery! Please consider purchasing my art. Any Intuitive Fine Art &/or Medieval Arts Misty Isles items SOLD on Yessy will have a percentage of said Sale Donated to a Charity. Please see my BIO for details. Price has been reduced.

"Glorious Third Eye’s" design bursts forth with contrasting & strong colors with the softer tones to touch one’s Heart & Soul. Be sure to see close view herein, as color is best on it!

Frame: 9.5 inch wide 11.5 inch high in Brushed Gold with black accents to surround this art with the ‘Golden Light’ of the Divine.

In its center are colors of the 1st 3 Chakras, Root (red), Pelvic (deep yellow) & Solar Plexus (deep green). It creates a center of a Lotus Blossom & expands into 2 pink colors for the Heart & surrounded by 2 blue colors for the Throat & Truth.

It continues to expand outwardly, changing into a Bursting Star, with color bursting forth from The 3rd Eye (lavender) to recognize all Spiritual aspects of the Crown (white) mixed with the lavender. Deep pink Hearts show yet another layer of a Lotus Flower its design interplay.

Screen Size: 5.25 inch Hexagon. Stitch Size: 7 stitches-to-the-inch in a symmetrical design. Threads: Acrylic & Metallic yarns.

Background: Padded & shimmering fabric is quilted & studded with 'points of light' in gold tone beads.

Surrounding the entire outer edge of the finishes screen is a continuous strand of Crystals & Gemstones to include: Amethyst, Carnelian (light & dark), Lapis Lazuli (hearts of truth), Quartz, Aventurine (light & dark), Garnets, Fluorite & Rose Quartz with silver tone & specialty bead spacers.

Its bead anchor, to ground the physical with the Etherial (spiritual) is Amethyst, Rose Quartz & a droplet Amethyst charm.

This item, as with all items I create, was not mapped or charted before I began. The design’s dark pink Hearts create the 12 points of a clock, creating a timeless feel.

As it continues outward, each layer creates more points into an endless & timeless seeming infinity, just as our Universe is!

Its overall design draws one's eye into its center to expand the vision outward. Item is raved over at shows by many folks for its remarkable design.

"Glorious Third Eye" brings forth to one’s consciousness the 3rd Eye & how it can lead to insights of the Soul.

See my book, ‘Insights Into the Soul’ at AuthorsDen: in new window.

Perhaps, item may have greater implications for one walking a Spiritual Path. Yet, its design is something anyone can enjoy as Fine Art!

Thank you for visiting my Yessy Art Gallery. Please see my BIO for more about me & what I do. Visit my ‘Medieval Arts Misty Isles’ Gallery herein to see my Pen & Ink Art, Artistic Costumes, Newsletter Covers & other Creations in that venue!

© All Rights Reserved on All Photos, Artwork & Designs Created by Maureen W. Clifton – as an Artist &/or Author, as seen herein my Yessy Art Gallery. All Sales Final.

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• Seller location: Lewis Center, Ohio, United States
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