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Mike has been a lifelong scenic photographer, self-taught, since before his teen years. However, only in the past several years has he taken his hobby to a serious level.

His subjects include sweeping land- and seascapes, patterns and shapes formed by mechanical and structural elements, intimate close-ups of natural objects. He especially enjoys making photographic artworks of mundane, often unnoticed details, such as the textures of a weather-beaten fence, or the random litter underfoot on beaches, sidewalks, and forest floors.

In making his photographs — that is, making images with light — Mike works with the ‘sweet’ light surrounding dawn and dusk, the brilliant reflections of sunlight on water and wet sand, the light transmitted through a translucent leaf, the the interplay of light and shadow with the textures of an old wooden shed or stone wall, the subtle gradations of shading and color across a scene, even the glow from a single streetlamp.

In addition to his “straight” color and monochrome work, Mike has digitally tinted or spot-colored various of his photographs that were originally black-and white, and made monochrome images from photographs first made on color film.

Withn the past few years, Mike has entered the purely digital world, but most of the earlier works in these galleries are the product of a “hybrid” workflow—capturing the image on film, digitizing the processed 35mm negative images on a dedicated film scanner, editing and optimizing on an Apple Macintosh™ computer and making final display prints with a photo-quality inkjet printer.

He has found his subjects in Maine, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Florida; along the coast of Maui; and in Pennsylvania — including nearby state, county, and municipal parks, arboreta and horticultural sites, as well as in his own backyard.
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