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ArtistsitrA ZionoiZ AKA Steve Kreuscher 
 My Best Works, 177 Works
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 The 12 Forbidden Fruits
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My Best Works, 177 Works   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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The Pineapple
  The Pineapple Click to enlarge Click to enlarge  

The Pineapple
ArtistsitrA ZionoiZ ...

This is the eighth painting in "The 12 Forbidden Fruits" series of mine. I titled this one "The Pineapple", subtitle; "The Declaration of the Equality of All Quality Paintings".

"...All quality paintings have been created equal by people, who also have been created equal; not one of them greater, than the other one.

Take any and every quality painting and flip over the canvas, exposing it's bare backside and you expose the great equalizing factor of the raw nakedness of, both the naked wooden frame, like human bones, and the naked cloth canvas, like naked human skin. This great equalizing factor, proclaims loud and clear that all paintings have been created equal and have an equal right, according to all natural laws, to have an equal amount of space and time, to be hung in an art museum, in perfect equality, next to a Rembrant, a Da Vinci, a Picasso or any other great master, for the whole world rightfully to be able to see it, to study it, to enjoy it and to learn from it.

I will here explain what I mean by quality painting; A quality painting is not gimmick art, or minimal art. To me, I will say at the risk of loosing a lot of fans, but here goes; I totally believe that a quality painting comes from a hard working dedicated artist, not at all from a lazy artist, but from an artist, who has worked their buns off developing and honing their talent putting their whole heart into it. A 30 feet tall white canvas with one little black dot on it should not in a million years be in an art museum. I do not see Drippism, scribblism, minimalism or readymades as quality art. I see those lazy worthless, totally talentless artworks as "Refrigerator Art". My 7 year old granddaughter's artworks are a 100 times better quality, than those. "Refrigerator Art" is totally destroying "Modern Art", and such artworks, which totally lack any quality whatsoever, should not be in an Art Museum, but should be taken out of the Art Museums and put back on the refrigerator where they belong. Salvador, Dali saw the extremely decadent trend in "Modern Art" and he spoke against such decadence also, just like I am here doing.

Copyright Steve Kreuscher 2006

Item Price 
Prismacolors on strathmore 500 $140,000,000.00  Add to CartMake Offer
done 2006 $140,000,000.00  Add to CartMake Offer
20" x 16" $140,000,000.00  Add to CartMake Offer
Not for sale 'til Series finished $140,000,000.00  Add to CartMake Offer

• Seller location: Zion, Illinois, United States
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   Paintings & Prints > Fantasy & Mythology > Dreamscapes
   Paintings & Prints > Politics & Patriotism > Law

Average Rating: 5 Stars Based on 2 critiques. Write a critique
5 Stars Singinsueblue from Canada
This is another master piece. love it. 5 star.
5 Stars Pujah3 from San Antonio, Texas (View this seller's gallery)
This is not actually a critique but I wanted to say that as long studying artist I totally agree with what you have written here. I couldn't have said it better. Keep up the good work. Carla

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