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ArtistsitrA ZionoiZ AKA Steve Kreuscher 
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The Resurrection of the Shoe '07
  The Resurrection of the Shoe '07 Click to enlarge  

The Resurrection of the Shoe '07
ArtistsitrA ZionoiZ ...

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On 7-7-1989, was the day after my ex-wife divorced me, that day is the beginning of what I call "My Resurrection Years".

The original 1989 version of "The Resurrection of the Shoe", was done while I was going through severe trials in my life and suffering from severe depression as a result. At that time, I felt there was no hope of things in my life getting any better.
I did that original 1989 version, while I was in the hospital. I just looked through a bunch of magazines and picked out a bunch of different objects to draw, with no specific meaning at the time. I just kind of threw them together randomly in the drawing, where ever each object seemed to fit best and look best.
Then about eight months later, my life was rising fast up out of the severe trials and depression into heavenly blessedness, unto this present time; ( 22 years later ), which have been the best years of my life. Eight months after I made the original 1989 version of this painting, as my life was rising up fast, and getting much better, I looked at the original painting and the title immediately came to me; "The Resurrection of the Shoe". That is what I had felt like for 19 years of my life; ( meaning, that I had felt like I was walked all over for the last 19 years. ) The original painting is one of about six pictures that I signed my name the outlaw instead of Steve Kreuscher. But on this large 2007 remake I signed it both The Outlaw and Steve Kreuscher.

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colored pencil on strathmore 500 $891,771,989.00  Add to CartMake Offer
28" x 22" unframed $891,771,989.00  Add to CartMake Offer
38" x 32" framed $891,771,989.00  Add to CartMake Offer
Done 2007 $891,771,989.00  Add to CartMake Offer
Signed Steve Kreuscher $891,771,989.00  Add to CartMake Offer
Also signed The Outlaw $891,771,989.00  Add to CartMake Offer

• Seller location: Zion, Illinois, United States
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5 Stars Harold Hand from Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia (View this seller's gallery)
Another great work Steve, what a fantastic imagination, and the talent to capture it.

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