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ArtistsitrA ZionoiZ AKA Steve Kreuscher 
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Go, Go's Halo
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Go, Go's Halo
ArtistsitrA ZionoiZ ...

On 7, 30, 1890 Van Gogh's funeral was held and then they buried him.

I read in a book about Van Gogh's portraits, that when he died, they laid his coffin out in the middle of the room and hung his most recent works around the coffin and it made like a halo above his coffin. For a week after I had read that, I kept saying to myself, I can't believe that no one has done a picture of that, especially since it was mostly artist at his funeral. I'm sure that saying was going around among those artists. Then I finally decided that I am the one meant to do this painting, so I did. I got photo's of the actual room in the Inn where he was staying and where they held his funeral, to draw from. This picture will become a classic for sure.

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Prismacolors on Strathmore 500 $300,000,000.00  Add to CartMake Offer
Done 2005 $300,000,000.00  Add to CartMake Offer
20" x 16" unframed $300,000,000.00  Add to CartMake Offer
38" x 32" framed $300,000,000.00  Add to CartMake Offer
Signed; "Steve Kreuscher" $300,000,000.00  Add to CartMake Offer

• Seller location: Zion, Illinois, United States
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Average Rating: 5 Stars Based on 4 critiques. Write a critique
5 Stars Tiny from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Your work is fantastic.. I enjoyed this piece most of all. Rich colors in your work. Great job.
5 Stars Annipeng from China
excellent, unique style
5 Stars chicho from Los Angeles, California
You are an inspiration for artists especially those who feel misunderstood, which are quite a few, including Vincent van Gogh, still he is a lucky one, your homage is very touching... With a name like yours nothing can go wrong. Courageously forward... Sal
5 Stars artbytherese from San Diego, California
Beautiful work! So much exqusite detail! Love the colors!

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