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alvaro ibanez 
 New Horizons Collection
 A-Ibañez Gallery
 Alvaro Ibañez Biography
Alvaro Ibañez Biography
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Alvaro Ibañez was born in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia on January 18, 1951 at the age of 5 his parents move to Santa Marta beach a beautiful city were he grow up, at the age of 7 won his first artist price,a diploma and a 36 Prismacolor set with a drawing of "El Morro" a light house at the center of the bay.
He has worked as a designer and draftsman since his mid-twenties, specializing in graphic arts, patent design, and
trademark illustrations. His biographical profile has been included in “Who’s Who in the World,” “Who’s
Who in America,” “Who’s Who in the South and Southwest” "Who's who in the arts" Who's Who in Finance and Business" since 1994. His personal collection of his
own original work contains over 900 pieces in media such as pastel, oils, water color, ink, and even
Inspired by his teacher David Manzur by Da Vinci, Dali, and Van Gogh, Alvaro expresses his
love of life and beauty through a broad range of styles ranging from realism to surrealism. Within his
collection are pieces ranging in size from a few inches to many feet, with themes running the gamut of
human experience and going beyond into the realm of myth.
Alvaro immigrated to the United States in August of 1981, leaving behind a large body of work. His
current collection dates from his arrival in Virginia and tells the story of his struggles as a new immigrant
supporting a family and learning a new language.
Alvaro’s work tells of his dreams and the sources of his inspiration. Images of women dominate
much of his work; “I love Woman,” he says, “beginning with my mother. I mold my feelings easily on
canvas.” Another group of paintings depicts the powerful, mythical unicorn. This image was the primary
inspiration for Alvaro’s dream of building a retreat center for artists, Sunrise Retreat Center for the Arts.

• SUNRISE STUDIO GALLERY – Kilmarnock, Va. Complete works: Oils, Acrylics, Pastels, Ink, Multimedia in new window in new window
ARTOMATIC 2007 2121 Crystal Drive
Arlington, Va.
April 13-May 20 in new window in new window in new window
Museo Regional de Queretaro, Mexico – Collective Invitation by SOMAAP Queretaro. And Bellas Artes of the Queretaro Autonoma University Mexico, March 18 May 18


• BELL ATLANTIC, Guest Artist - Oil, Arlington, Va.
• MARTIN LUTHER KING MEMORIAL LIBRARY, “Wheat and Family” Collective - Multimedia
• SKEWERS RESTAURANT, Solo - Multimedia, Washington DC
• ARTS IN THE ALLEY, Collective - Multimedia, Washington DC
• BARNES & NOBLE BOOKSTORE – Falls Church, Va.
BEVERLEY HILLS PRESCHOOL Fundraiser, Alexandria, Va.
BARNES & NOBLE BOOKSTORE. Collective, Multimedia, Falls Church, Va.
DEL REY ARTISANS Guest Artist & Speaker- Oils, Alexandria, Va.
HOGAR HISPANO Fundraiser, Arlingtong, Va.

• MARTIN LUTHER KING MEMORIAL LIBRARY, “Shades of Time and Tones of Life” photographic collective, Washington DC
• FALLS CHURCH RECREATION CENTER, “Retrospective,” Solo - Multimedia, Falls Church Va.
• SUNRISE STUDIO GALLERY, Solo - Multimedia, Kilmarnock, Va.
• THE PAN AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION, “Art for Life - Hope for Our Children” Collective - Oil, Washington DC

• MARTIN LUTHER KING MEMORIAL LIBRARY, “Creations - Classicism and Surrealism” Collective -Oil, Washington DC
• ARTEXPO World Wide Fine Art, oils, Fira Barcelona, Espana
• SED CENTER, “Velada Artistica,” Hall of the Organization of American States Building - Collective - Oil, Washington DC

• MOSCOSO GALLERY, “Crucifixions” Collective - Mixed Media, Washington D.C.
• MONTGOMERY COUNTY EXECUTIVE OFFICE BUILDING, “Hispanic Heritage Month” Collective - Pastel, Rockville, MD
• NASA HEADQUARTERS, “Latino Art Exhibit 1995” Collective - Oil, Washington DC
• THE PAN AMERICAN HEALTH ORGANIZATION, “For the Love of Our Children,” Collective - Oil, Washington DC

• MARTIN LUTHER KING MEMORIAL LIBRARY “Recent Paintings” Collective - Oil, Washington D.C.
• MARTIN LUTHER KING MEMORIAL LIBRARY “Feelings” Collective - Oil, Ink, Water Color, Washington D.C.
• MARTIN LUTHER KING MEMORIAL LIBRARY “Mi Barrio, Mi Tierra: Así Nos Expresamos” Collective - Pastels and Charcoals, Washington D.C.
• THE ART MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAS - ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES, “For the Love of Our Children” Collective - Oil, Washington, D.C. **Honored as second highest auctioned piece
• STRATHMORE HALL ARTS CENTER, “Drawing for Art” Collective - Oil, Bethesda MD
• AT&T, “Hispanic Mosaic” Collective - Oil and Pastel, Oakton, VA.
• AT&T, “Hispanic Mosaic” Collective - Oil and Pastel, Washington, D.C.
• MEXICAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE, “Encuentro Latinoamericano II,” Oil and Pencil, Washington, D.C.
• MONTGOMERY COUNTY EXECUTIVE OFFICE BUILDING, “Latin American Kaleidoscope” Collective - Pastel, Rockville, MD
• BELL ATLANTIC, “Raices Latinas” Collective - Oil, Ink, Pencil, Arlington, Va.
• BELL ATLANTIC, “Raices Latinas” Collective - Oil, Ink, Pencil, Silver Spring, MD
• TORPEDO FACTORY ART LEAGUE, Collective, Old Town Alexandria, Va.

• DESFILE DE LAS AMERICAS, “Encuentro Latinoamericano” Collective -Oil, Washington, D.C.

• LATIN AMERICAN ART LEAGUE, Collective - Charcoal, Oil, Alexandria, Va.

• SOVRAN BANK CC, Solo - Charcoal, Pastels, Oils, Springfield, Va.

• ARLINGTON CENTER, Collective - Pastel, Arlington, Va.
• FALLS CHURCH RECREATION PARK, Collective - Oil, Acrylic, Pastel, Falls Church, Va.

• Georgetown Streets, Solo - Oil, Acrylic, Washington, D.C.

• DICAS FINE ARTS CENTER, Collective - Oil, Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia.
•SANTANDER INDUSTRIAL UNIVERSITY, Collective - Oil, Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia.

• DAVID MANZUR ACADEMY, Collective - Charcoal and Pencils, Bogotá, Colombia.

•NATIONAL PRISMACOLOR CONTEST, Collective, Santa Marta Beach, Magdalena, Colombia.



More than 35 years as a LEAD DESIGNER and DRAFTSMAN, especially in the areas of graphic arts and Patent and Trademark illustrations. Designs include architectural and marine engineering arrangements; structural, mechanical, and electrical systems for industrial marine components, systems, and hulls, and military applications. Patent and Trademark designs range from mechanical to chemical apparatus. Has been the lead and senior draftsman for all mechanical efforts associated with the Offshore Petroleum Delivery System (OPDS). Is experienced as a checker and member of the Quality Assurance Group, and has managed professional drafting staff.


A-IBANEZ ART DESIGN, INC. (1985 to Present, Incorporated in 1991) Falls Church, Va. President and Founder. Organized and incorporated a professional group of consultants, drafting designers, and freelance art contractors to perform commercial, graphic, patent, trademark, architectural, structural, and electrical-mechanical art work.

DIVERSIFIED TECHNOLOGIES (1986 to 1988) Alexandria, Va. Lead and Senior Designer. Supervised specialized department of salvage, marine, and ocean engineering drafting design. Provided shipyard support, hazardous materials operations, classical engineering, and technical documentation, as well as manuals, proposal development, configuration management, training exercises, fire fighting and foam systems, supporting the U.S. Navy (NAVSEA), Maritime Administration, and others.

BIRCH, STEWART, KOLASCH, & BIRCH (1985 to 1997) Falls Church, Va. Freelance Patent Designer. Provided drafting services specializing in mechanical applications.

Design and remodeling of custom interiors, commercial, residential, villas, and palaces. Trained on CADD Carrier 2000 for architectural design.

RADIAN INC., (1984 to 1994) Alexandria, Va. Drawing and design of Government Engineering Equipment, Military Specifications, dimensions and tolerances per Ansi y14.5, DOD-STD-100, and DOD-STD-1000.

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE AND COMMUNICATION, Derey Agency (1983), Reston, Va. Landscape planning supervisor


COROMEX ANDINA LTDA., (1980-81) Bogotá, Colombia. Sales manager, hospital equipment

DISTRISIBA LTDA., (1977-1980) Bucaramanga, Colombia. Owner, Manager - School and Office Supplies and Equipment

ONIX LTDA., (1977-1978) Bucaramanga, Colombia. Sales manager, Office Supplies

EL ROBLE RANCH (1976-1977) Santa Marta, Colombia. Farmer (Indian Acres), Precolombian Exchange of Chimila and Tyrona Cultures (Gold, ceramics, stones, etc.)
GILABERT & CIA., (1976-1977) Santa Marta, Colombia. General Insurance Manager

ADMINISTRATIVE DEPT. OF COMMUNITY ACTION (1974-1976) Bogotá, Colombia. Civil engineering draftsman. Drafting and design of bridges, gas and police stations, and community centers.

GROLIER INTERNATIONAL (1973-1974) ) Bogotá, Colombia. Sales

GERMAN PENA SCHOOL (1971) Bogotá, Colombia. Elementary teacher

DANIEL MEDINA (1970) Bogotá, Colombia. Boutique decorator, painting of designs for display windows, silk screening.

MESSIER ARCHITECTS & CONSTRUCTION (1966) Santa Marta, Colombia. Messenger


PUBLIC HEALTH CENTER (1971-1974) ) Bogotá, Colombia. Drafting, design and model construction of specialized health centers.

GUILLERMO VICTORINO S.A. (1973-1974) Bogotá, Colombia. Drafting, design and model construction of hotels and recreational parks.

FELIX A. CLAVIJO CO. (1973-1975) Bogotá, Colombia. Drafting and design of structural, electrical, etc. Plans and models for condominiums, houses, and hospital remodeling.

METRON PUBLICITY (1977-1980) Bucaramanga, Colombia. Silkscreen prints and commercial art design.

FABIO HERNANDEZ SALAZAR - ARCHITECT (1980-1981) Bogotá, Colombia. Drafting of clinics, hospitals, remodeling, specializing in health centers.

TULIO RAMIREZ (1980-1981) Architectural drafting of commercial buildings and model production.


1964-1970 Julio Cesar Garcia High School, Bogotá, Colombia

1971-1972 Art, drawing and painting, David Manzur Academy

1973-1974 Mechanical and structural drafting, ACADITEC, Bogotá, Colombia

ADDITIONAL EDUCATION: Marketing Techniques, Cempaly International. Accounting, Atenas Center. Mathematics, Universidad Autonoma. Fine Arts, DICAS. English, Northern Virginia Community College. Fine Arts, Falls Church Recreation Center. Civil Engineering, International Correspondence School. Fine Arts, Torpedo Factory Art League. Patent and Trademark Specifications, Patent Office, Va.
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