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2020 A New Decade. Two Decades ago, I lived in a different country Zimbabwe and was a very different artist. Restricted by sanctions, art materials were limited. I learnt to adapt to what was available. Cardboard boxes, handmade paper, oil pastels, shoe polish, homemade charcoal, paints made from natural flora and fauna. Out of necessity my love of mixed media developed.
Today, living in the UK, with access to so many different materials, paper, paints, pencils, crayons; as a demonstrator I surprize audiences.
In Zimbabwe I painted local scenes, my painting were used in yearly calendars. Growing up. surrounded by game reserves, painting wildlife became my passion.
Living in the UK my preferences have changed. Fascinated with London, the buildings old against the new, people from every corner of the globe, taxies, London buses and bicycles, I paint London Scenes.
I am looking forward to an exciting year, follow me on Facebook, or check out my website.
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