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Jenny's ART Jenny WhalleySo! When does one refer to themselves as British? Would it be now that I have been in the UK for 21 years? Initially from Zimbabwe I am now a British passport holder. I guess I will always be a Zimbabwean at heart painting wildlife and my favourite Jazz Bands in Oil pastel and shoe polish on 21-year-old rag paper
Over the years my art has developed in a way I never thought it would. I demonstrate my unusual mixed media techniques to Art societies and clubs around the UK with the odd workshop here and abroad.
Sales through my webpages are down but then I don’t paint as much as Im used too. Holding down a full-time job as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, in the National Health Service, has taken up quite a bit of my time.
Now I am starting to slow down painting more; if you are interested in commissioning a painting do contact me either here through in new window OR
www.jennysart.spaceOpens in new window
Thank you for viewing my paintings
Jenny Whalley
P.S please only genuine correspondence. Having been the victim of Scammers I am now wiser to Scamming tactics.
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