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Where has the year gone? We are half way through 2019. My British website; in new window & Facebook fan page in new window . My painting on the Website is available and I ship to all over the world. I have had great reviews , even the ‘scammers’ jumped on the band wagon and led me to believe they wanted 2 of my painting! It took a bit of convincing that I had indeed been scammed! What is so great about being associated with a quality website like Yessy authentic queries are logged and if they are not then it is not authentic. I learnt a valuable lesson!
I have changed my cover painting. This large painting 76cm x 86cm is just one of many of my watercolors mixed media painting for sale. However I work in a variety of different media, oil pastels on Rag paper, pen & ink, collage and soft pastel. My topics range from wildlife reflecting my youthful years growing up in Zimbabwe to London scene. I currently live in the UK. I often throw in the odd jazz band and portraits both of which lend them to a different or ‘wacky’ approach. Oil pastels & shoe polish on Rag paper or soft pastels. I hope you enjoy my web-page, if you do have any questions or are considering buying please do contact me through Yessy
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