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Biography of Irena Orlov


Irena Orlov, innovative, contemporary fine artist, architect, designer, illustrator, photographer is known for creating captivating works which are full of energy.
Extraordinary versatile in her mediums, Irena could never imagine life without art. Having a successful carrier in architecture and design for quite a long time, she began to deal with fine art. She is an artist whose path in the fine arts has led her to a unique expression of mood and color. The combination of antique and a very clean, crisp modern design sense creates a highly prized, individual art style. Her images begin spontaneously and give expression to personal creativity and insight. Each piece is unique in design. Irena often prefers to think of herself as a craftsman, constructing, or interpreting imagery and messages from her conscious and subconscious mind.
Irena has lived in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Canada, and now lives and works in Los Angeles.


My art is a response of my soul to the reality. I create an emotional space through visual abstract images. I’m curious in everything where I see energy of life. I see boundless and unforgettable opportunities of conveying real space for imagination and creating a new one. I try to develop an emotional and visual horizon of perception through my artworks as much as I constantly search for images that appeal to participation and emotional experience. This is an improvisation of reflections, feelings as well as definite and indefinite actions during the process of creation. Each of the improvisations merges into a specific form of art at the specific period of time.

Exhibitions and Art Fairs: 
2014 Upcomming " Abstract Mind" The Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK. in co-operation and with the support of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Embassy in UK
2013 Upcomming SCOPE Miami
2013 Atlanta / International Gift and Home Furnishings Market
2012 Art Takes Times Square Billboard Premiere, Times Square NYC
2012 Britten Banners, Baltimore
2012 Atlanta / International Gift and Home Furnishings Market
2012 NYC / International Gift Fair
2012 High Point / International Home Furnishing Market
2011 IV&V Orlov Designers LLC, Los Angeles,CA, USA
2011 The Happening Gallery , Marina Del Rey,Los Angeles, California (group) 
2011 The Artists Alley Gallery, San Francisco California
2011 Hospitality Design Expo, Las Vegas , Nevada
2010 The Waterfront Concert Theater, Marina Del Rey,Los Angeles, California (group) 
2010 Teobs Foundation, Los Angeles, California, USA solo) 
2010 DHB&BGS WORKS, Corporate exhibition Los Angeles, California, USA (solo) 
2009 "DECOR" IV&V Orlov Designers LLC, Los Angeles,CA, USA (solo) 
2007 Direct Home Builders Inc, Sherman Oaks, CA USA (solo) 
1978 Art Exhibition at DKT Cultural Center, Kherson, Ukraine(group) 

Publications and Awards

2013 Art & Beyond March/April 2013
2013 Art & Beyond January/February 2013
2012 Art & Beyond November/December 2012
2012 Best of Worldwide Portrait & Figurative by Kennedy Publishing
2012 Art & Beyond September/October issue
2012 Art & Beyond July/August 2012
2012 ART: Expressive Abstract by Irena Orlov - & 100 Famous Quotes
2012 Best of Worldwide Mixed Media by Kennedy Publishing
2012 Best Of Presents America Acrylic Artists Volume I by Kennedy Publishing
2011 American Art Collector December 2011 Issue 74
2011 Featured in The Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2012.
Piece "New York, October 7, 1831" has been shortlisted for this year's covered award.
2011 Art Buzz, The 2012 Collection
This Collection volume features the work of 106 emerging & mid-career visual artists.
Art Buzz Publishing, registered with the U.S. Library of Congress
Orlov, Irena - Honorable Mention Mixed Media - pg. 58
2011 International Contemporary Artists vol III
2011 Featured in the Best of the Best Limited Edition book by Kennedy Publishing
2011 The Best Of Worldwide Abstract & Still Life Artists Vol. I, Kennedy Publishing/Best Of Artists (Featured on the front cover)
2010 International Contemporary Artists vol II
Licensing Agent Out of the Blue


Women's Caucus For the Arts, New York, NY
ISAP, International Society of Acrylic Painters
NAIA, National Association for Independent Artists
American Women Artists
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