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Birdfeeders   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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Whimsy YardArt Birdbath feeder 1058

Whimsy YardArt Birdbath feeder 1058
Avalon Art Studio

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Whimsy YardArt© Birdbath feeder 105810082011

Whimsy YardArt© is a copyrighted art form created by award winning International artist Arlene Wright-Correll as her answer to artfully helping the planet.

Whimsy YardArt© is created solely from recycled glass products discarded by other folks who no longer have a need for them or want them.

As the artist puts them together they each take on their own life and become distinctly different and unique works of art to enhance a garden, yard or patio.

Whimsy YardArt© 105810082011© is a birdbath or feeder that will sparkle in your garden and when it rains the water will trickle down each piece onto the other continuing until it goes back into the earth while giving the birds a place to bath. This birdbath/feeder has a stablizing 13" x 13" ceramic tile base creating a stabilizing wind proof element.

This work of Whimsy YardArt© is approximately 22 inches high and 13 inches at its widest part. It is weather proof though we recommend you move it onto your covered patio, into your garage or basement should you live in extreme winter areas where you have long periods of snow and freezing temperatures.

Whimsy YardArt© is a true art form in the fact that no two are ever alike and each one is numbered, dated, signed by the artist and comes with a numbered and artist signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Whimsy YardArt© was created by Arlene Wright-Correll as an additional means to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and all her profits and proceeds from the sale of these works is sent to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and she thanks you for buying these creations.

This is the perfect gift item for your favorite gardener or for yourself.

Gallery price is $169.00 plus shipping

Gallery representation: All images on this web site are original works of art created by Arlene Wright-Correll. Images may appear different on your computer screen than actual artwork.

Item Price 
Whimsy YardArt Birdbath feeder 1058 $169.00  sold


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