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Dierdriana - Byzanthium Garb
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  Dierdriana - Byzanthium Garb Arriving at Court - Coronation  

Dierdriana - Byzanthium Garb
Maureen W. Clifton

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This photo is me, Dierdriana wear my Byzantium costume, standing in court during the Purgatorio Coronation. Something must have been happening that I was looking in that direction (probably noise). In that photo, kneeling is Duke Paul of Bellatrix, Standing & holding one of the poles to the canopy is Brandon d' Arindel & the lady kneeling in armour is Sir Mary of Uffington. My Byzantine costume was sold in an auction in the late-1980s. I was a Lady-in-Waiting for Queen Shannon-Morgan. Additional photo is Purgatorio in The West Kingdom (SCA), AS XIV (August 1979), as Crown Prince Radnor & Crown Princess Shannon-Morgan approach the King & Queen of the West at Court for Coronation under a canopy. The Royal Garb they wore is Byzantine. It was Created & Sewn by Lady Dierdriana of the Misty Isles, aka: Maureen W. Clifton. I wish I had better photos of the details of that Royal garb. I remember making them was quite difficult. In the photo, behind the Crown Prince & Princess is me, wearing my Byzantine garb I designed & made for the event. At the end of their Reign, I was awarded a Queen’s Cypher for Personal Service to Her Majesty. The young lad in the foreground of the main photo in a red tunic with blue tabard is my eldest son, Michael (then almost ten years). His brother, Scott Alan (then age eight years) is not seen in this view, though he was walking beside him. Radnor asked my sons to be ‘Pages’ for Coronation. The two young lads were told to follow the Herald – so they did – really close! They were too cute! Ah, memories of times past!

Thank you for visiting my Medieval Art Gallery. © All Photos, Artwork & Costume Designs Created by Maureen & Posted on this SCA Medieval Art & Costume Gallery on Yessy. No image posted may be used without permission of Maureen W. Clifton, aka: Countess Dierdriana of the Misty Isles, Member of The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA: www.SCA.orgOpens in new window). Nothing within Maureen’s/Dierdriana’s Medieval Art Gallery represents any SCA policies, regulations &/or laws in any way. Please See Maureen’s Bio & Other Yessy Art Gallery.

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