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Greeting Cards   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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Ladies of Fire, ref. 66:151
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  Ladies of Fire, ref. 66:151 Ladies of Fire, ref. 100:225 Ladies of Fire, ref. 100:228 Ladies of Fire, ref. 100:227 Ladies of Fire, ref. 100:226  

Ladies of Fire, ref. 66:151
Giselle de la Chantelle

(see more by this artist)

Inspired by the circus, these digital oil paintings are among 232+ available for sale, each in a different combination of colours. Some are vibrant and shimmering, others quieter and more subtle.

19th June 2010: I have now collated 232 - some very attractive - 'Circus Abstracts' in a Picasa web album. To see these, please click on the following link, and send me, via my 'Contact' page on Yessy, the reference numbers of any you would like to purchase, under my normal terms of sale for 'Circus Abstracts', at $45.00 each at A4 size. I will then be able to place these into a private gallery to enable you to place your purchase via Paypal. As the following link is likely to keep changing, you may need to re-enter 'Yessy' in order to re-access the web album at any time in the future. If this link does not work, the same link will sometimes work from another page! in new window

Note cards can be designed for any image you may choose, but, unless these are already on offer in 'Yessy', they will constitute a special order and will therefore require non-refundable prepayment.


Interested in a note card or notelet?

What is a notelet? Well, in the case of mine, one takes an A4 sheet of paper, and folds it into quarters. On the front is printed the image offered below for sale, and on the back appears my Giselle logo. The arrangement of notelet images on an A4 sheet of paper is illustrated in the alternative views above. (If absent, will be viewable on most other pages.)

You are left with one and a half sides of A4 paper, on which to write your message. The reverse side of the A4 sheet is devoid of borders, and entirely blank. Note cards lend themselves to a wide variety of purposes.


Interested in a print?

Before placing any order, please be sure to read my 'Important Note about Colour, Printing etc.' two thirds of the way down my 'Biography' page. If this particular image has not had a run of test prints done, this will be done before selecting the best paper for printing.

The artist will herself choose the paper which, in her view, gives the best results for the image(s) being ordered, unless the client contacts her at the time of ordering, to request a specific paper. In this event, the client's wishes would be respected, but the best result could no longer be guaranteed. In practice, the paper giving the best results is almost always paper (b) [as listed under 'Biography'], with papers (a) and (c) just occasionally giving equally good - or, rarely, better – results. In the event of off-white matte's giving equally good results as off-white semi-gloss, awareness of any preference on the client's part would indeed be valuable to the artist.

If a client would like to communicate his paper preferences to the artist, without going to the trouble of writing a full letter, it will be sufficient to link one of the following codes to the relevant print and email this to the artist at the time of placing his order:


In the "preferred" options, the client is actually leaving the choice to the artist, who will decide which paper, in her opinion, works best; if matte and semi-gloss give equally good results, the client's wishes will be honoured. In the "at all costs" options, NO other considerations may be taken into account: the paper the client wants MUST be provided - regardless of the results achieved.

While giclée prints are not offered as standard, any more than are sizes greater than A4, both giclée and larger prints can be obtained by special order. Occasionally, these will also be 'limited edition'.

As for prints being offered for sale in A4 size, if any of these APPEARS to be other than A4 in size, it will in fact be AS seen, BUT centralized on an A4 sheet of paper. Also, on all prints, any white border NOT visible against the white background on 'Yessy' is always minimal, and placed around the image purely to ensure that none of the image escapes printing.

All prints sold are personally signed by the artist (usually on the back; if a signature is preferred elsewhere, please advise, at the time of ordering.)

In the abbreviations below, 'matt' stands for 'matte' and 'semi-glos.' stands for 'semi-gloss'. The 2-6 digit reference number at the outset relates to the particular print or variant in question – as each image bears a different reference number (which appears beneath the image once it is clicked on).

Item Price 
66:151:A4 print,matt/semi-glos.paper $45.00  Add this item to your cartMake Offer
100:225:A4 print,matt/semi-glos.papr $45.00  Add this item to your cartMake Offer
100:228:A4 print,matt/semi-glos.papr $45.00  Add this item to your cartMake Offer
100:227:A4 print,matt/semi-glos.papr $45.00  Add this item to your cartMake Offer
100:226:A4 print,matt/semi-glos.papr $45.00  Add this item to your cartMake Offer
1 notelet, spec.order,A4 matt paper $2.45  Add this item to your cart
2notelets, spec.order,A4 matt paper $4.90  Add this item to your cartMake Offer
4notelets, spec.order,A4 matt paper $9.50  Add this item to your cartMake Offer

• Seller location: March, United Kingdom
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   Paintings & Prints > Abstract > Color
   Computer & Digital Art > Abstract > Color
   Crafts & Other Art > Greeting Cards
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