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RocEcho ArtistsitrA
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  RocEcho ArtistsitrA From the Bottom Looking Upward From the Top Looking Downward Looking from the Left Looking from the Right  

RocEcho ArtistsitrA
ArtistsitrA ZionoiZ AKA Steve Kreuscher

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This is the third 3-D Multi-layered, animated, powerful, breathtaking golden portrait, which I have created with my new technique and my new art style, which I have coined, "RocEcho Art" and "RocEcho Art Portraits". I created my new technique and my new art style and developed it throughout the month of March 2011, as I created my first "RocEcho Portrait" titled "Rococo Jesus"and finished it on "Good Friday" 2011. These "RocEcho Art Portraits", I have designed to be built as 12 foot high, by 12 foot wide, by about 12 foot deep, multi-layered, ( either 7 or 12 layers deep ), Art Installations, in hopes of getting an art museum to commission me to have one of them built inside of their museum, or to get a church to commission me to build my "Rococo Jesus" inside of their church. The viewers would be the force that animates these powerful portraits, as they merely walk around in front of them. The Faces would seem to follow them as they walk around in front of these powerful breathtaking portraits.
I coined the word "RocEcho" to perfectly express my new style, because these powerful breathtaking 3-D Portraits have a combination look about them, of both a modern rococo look and an echoing look, echoing the first image, color after color, from black, to browns to golden shades, and then yellows and the last layers being white. The powerful cut out portrait image in the first layer would be echoed on throughout the other 7 or 12 layers. This portrait which I call "The RocEcho ArtistsitrA" has a very powerful modern "Rococo" look, which I created throughout the whole image, but especially throughout the hair and the shirt. Instead of being made up of scrolls, shells and leaves, like the usual classical "Rococo Design", I used a multitude of shapes of people, letters and so on, to create my modern "Rococo" look. There are almost 100 hidden images for the viewer to find as they study the image. If it is built within an Art Museum, then the viewers would be totally captivated as they walk back and forth in front of my powerful golden "RocEcho Portrait", watching the face constantly changing and as they watch the hair and the shirt actually glitter and sparkle brilliantly with bright golden colors, right before their eyes as they walk around in front of the image. Therefore, "The RocEcho ArtistsitrA" has abundant appeal to many different audiences, It has a powerful modern Rococo Look, it has a very modern Gothic Look, it has a awesome breathtaking Golden Look, it also has a very modernistic appeal of having almost 100 different hidden images within the basic portrait for the viewer to search for, to find and to figure out what they may be and what they may symbolize and last but definitely not least once it has been built as an Art Installation, then it will have the extremely uniquely powerful effect of animating as the viewer moves all around in front of it.
My first portrait, my "Rococo Jesus" portrait has a very powerful "Rococo" look also, which I created in the crown of thorns, instead of being made up of scrolls, shells and leaves, like the usual classical "Rococo Design", it is made up of one Vulture, one bat, two dead bodies (to represent death), two upside down fallen angels, two scorpions, two dragons, two snakes with dragon heads, two lobster claws, a role of 12 crosses and lastly a large "J" and a large "C" for Jesus Christ. These things symbolize Satan's evil affliction upon Christ's body unto death outwardly, while the Light of Father was inside of Christ shining from the inside on outward.
When some church or art museum, finally commissions me to create my "Rococo Jesus" in their church or art museum, or both, it will be "A Modern Day Equivalent" to "The Sistine Chapel Paintings", both in beauty and power. As "the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Paintings" have the power to lift both your heart and your spirits almost into Heaven, so will my "Rococo Jesus", when it is created and installed. In the future, my "Rococo Jesus" and my other "RocEcho Art Portraits" will end up becoming just as much admired and treasured as "The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Paintings". If you merely look at the picture of my "Rococo Jesus" and my "The RocEcho ArtistsitrA" design as just a merely one dimension portraits, then YOU MISS 90% OF IT'S ACTUAL POWER, BEAUTY AND EFFECTIVENESS. To be completely and perfectly awestruck, by their full beauty and power, these portrait must be built and viewed as Powerful 3-D, Multi-layered deep, animated, Beautiful, Breathtaking Golden, Art Installations. It is on the top of my bucket List to see one of these powerful portraits built within an art museum or within a church. I am presenting here multiple views to give the viewers a vague ideal of what this powerful 3-D portrait would look like and how it's look would change and animate right before their eyes, as they walk around in front of it.


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