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RocEcho Marilyn Monroe
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  RocEcho Marilyn Monroe Looking from the Bottom Upwards Looking from the Top Downwards Looking at the Image from the Left Looking at the Image from the Right  

RocEcho Marilyn Monroe
ArtistsitrA ZionoiZ AKA Steve Kreuscher

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The different pictures above show how the image would animate and how it would look from different angles as the viewer walks around in front of it.
This design is an artistic, 3D, 12 Layer digital Portrait that also, like my other ones, could be made into a 12 foot high, 12 foot deep and about 12 deep, (with 12 layers), Art Installation, which would actually animate and sparkle with color as you walk around in front of it, and the face would kind of follow you wherever you go in front of it. I designed this one in March 2012.

In April 2011, I came up with a new art technique of Multi-layered 3D Designs meant to be created as 12' high x 12' wide by about 12' deep Art Installations that would actually animate and sparkle with light and color, right before your eyes as you walk around in front of them. Your movement would actually be the force that would animate them. The following gallery is the many different "Multi-layered 3D RocEcho Animated Designs" that I have come up with. The first breakthrough design was my "Rococo Jesus", which has opened up a new incredible endless door of design possibilities. My new technique works best with Portraits, but also works very good with silhouettes of members in Bands for very powerful and unique album cover designs. I have high hopes of getting either businesses, art museums or Bands to use my unique designs to be built as large 12 foot Art Installations. If you know anyone, who may be interested, please send them my way ! Thank you for viewing my RocEcho Designs, I hope that you enjoy them.


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