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Figurative   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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MOTHER & CHILD IN LOVE 60cm by 90cm
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  MOTHER & CHILD IN LOVE 60cm by 90cm Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Me with Mother & Child Newspaper Article  

MOTHER & CHILD IN LOVE 60cm by 90cm
Melanie Potter

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"An adaption from my previous paintings, mother in love stems from my experience of being in hospital with my first child. Because my waters broke early and I was expecting a child at 29 weeks(11 weeks early), I drew a drawing like this every week with a new number on it. Eg when I was 29 weeks I drew this picture on A4 paper with colours and drew the number 30 on it representing me seeing my baby growing big and strong inside me for the next week. I was reading a Wayne Dyer book at the time "real Magic", and through visualising and believing I kept her in for another 6 weeks which was incredible at the time. The picture represents health, happiness and growth."
But there is much more to write about this piece.....

To fully understand the story behind it, I have to say that when I was pregnant, the fear and tribulations that I experienced was huge.
The journey of pregnancy, created from nothing is nothing short of incredible, heart felt, emotive and of pure love and trust.

I must add also, that my child's father was absent during the experience, and I took on a decision to have my daughter on my own.
This brought up a whole lot of other fears and I went very deeply into the questions of family, the abandonment and absence of "The Father" as an archetypal energy as well as aspects of my own upbringing and loss and separation of own father during my life. (My father is alive).
And all the connotations from a societal point of view on the family unit.

I also embodied a new strength, that of the Protector .

The colours of white in the child, which also embody the mother in a fetal position, carrying another live heart and body within her, symbolise purity.
The red symbolises passion, love, pure strong, pumping life force.
The browns represent the earth, and hence the analogy of "Earth Mother", for carrying a child is a natural, earthly instinct that has been passed down by thousands of generations of women.

For anyone with knowledge on Gestalt and energy work, the left hand side is to do with the female archetypal energy, the feminine, the mother, the female, and the right hand side is to do with the Male archetype, the Masculine, the father, the male.

In all my paintings the childs head leans towards the left, signifying the close relationship with the feminine.
In the state of the womb, inner, deep,dark,recessive, - the individuals female nature is activated and very necessary for the healthy emergence of the live child. The red boxes on either side, one above on the left, and one below on the right, therefore again represent female support - left, and male support - right. This brings creation into balance, the microcosm and macrocosm.

The square, or box, also brings much needed structure or "masculine" to the feminine (circles) in the piece.

Mother & Child has embodied many of these states within it.

For me, the painting represents wholeness and complete unity.

The child or entity, my psyche, my being, my inner self is centred and harmonious and totally at one with its environment.
I feel at peace, and trusting in life and the gentle unfolding of what the universe has planned for me.
It is as If i am floating, trusting in the tides of change, the people around me, circumstances, events and the bigger picture.
It was at this stage in my life there was nothing else to do but trust in the process, as I had exhausted my self through emotions of fear, depression, guilt,and all others, the only thing That was left to do was trust in a higher power, and rest, and let myself be nurtured.

Whilst having this image at the foot of my bed for weeks on end, I was in a very disciplined spiritual practice of putting all else out of my mind, and focusing only on the job and ultimate desire to feed my child, and have it come out alive, healthy, well and full of soul and life.

I was confronted by many other possibilities, and nurses and doctors took me and other women in similar circumstances, on excursions through the N.I.C.U ward of the hospital, preparing us for the possibility of having a child born before it full term.

A baby born months before its due can take twice as long to catch up and grow.
This can produce many complications.

Many babies were so small, I could not imagine going through what their parents would have to endure over the next few months, or possibly years to come, and since I was on my own, and I had chosen to go ahead with this pregnancy with the faith that it was meant to be, it was very scary for me to contemplate other possibilities other than a beautiful, big , healthy child.

so, trust in the self knowing, the quiet, silent times when a thought is the seed for the future, able to grow strong enough on its own.
Nurture the strong, inner resilience that allows you to disregard what you need not, out of total acceptance of what is, and focus only on what you want to create.

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