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Religion, Philosophy, & Astrology   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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Ms. Bade

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This is not for sale. Only one! Oils! I signed & painted this for my Dad & Loving Step-Mother for a Christmas Present one year accompanied with a poem. I painted this on Linen from Belgium with brushes of wordly origin & the finest oils in America & from Holland (oils---still a family recipe made by hand in a windmill) "Heart-Felt-Love" © 2005-present, is my own version of three hearts hosting our loving bond resting on a blanket of peacock feathers (muted in the background) to keep us warm. They love it on their own wall to cherish forever! A *Power Of Recommendation For Other Artists/List* is described on "The Valley Of Dreama" © (oil painting page)(you shall be pleasantly surprised): have you made my list?! *Notation* A Powerful-Must-See-Artist under the letter "K" Kostadin Kostov on his page 8, his art work: "Honor Thy Soldier" displays a heart-stirring moment of deep gratitude to be felt for all of our brave soldiers around the World; making this soldier very memorable! Have you read my Bio today? Although this ArtWork is NOT for sale, many of my others are; so feel free to check out the Competition & return to my site with confidence to ponder what YOU wish to add to your Art Collection today! {*Have You checked out "The Most Popular List" referencing the Categories option? Note my Categories. Check it out & see for yourself*} Purchase Art that YOU choose, to Beautify your World & YOU shall be Joyful that YOU did! Please notate: This Artist/Author retains ownership to all copyrights for paintings/poetry. All rights reserved. In the near future, a few giclees may be prepared at the printers! Stay tuned for an upcoming update on Professional Giclees! Thank-you for caring! Thank-you for admiring!

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The only one there is/symbol of love n/a  not for sale

• Seller location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
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   Paintings & Prints > Religion, Philosophy, & Astrology > New Age > Healing Arts & Practices > Other Healing Arts & Practices
Average Rating: 5 Stars Based on 4 critiques. Write a critique
5 Stars Loren D. Adams, Jr. from Honolulu, Hawaii (View this seller's gallery)
Art is a language of the heart as well as the intellect... Interesting that the Artist has decided not to sell this work. This is a good sign and causes the viewer to look again with respect. A well painted heart symbolises the genuine sense of high self esteem and regard for one's fellow man. The radiant heart is always the way an Artist feels... "This painting is a success" "I Love it!"
Seller response: My dad & step-mother teary-eyed when I gave this to them with (+ poem) + all my love forever & a day! I am deeply humbled by your words that choke me up with tearful joy! Every stroke I painted with total joy & passion! Thank-you for your radiant praise!
5 Stars Denisedonzi from Miami, Florida
Superb job!!! This is a breath-taking artpiece. One can just feel the love radiating from this artpiece. How long did this take you to paint? This generates a big heaping of love to last a lifetime. Your bio says a lot about you & your sincere goals for the enrichment of mankind! May GOD Bless you to keep on painting these magnificient splendors of art. WOW!!!
Seller response: Yes! I was bursting with love when I painted this, I still am! Almost 8 months of laboring love & passionate strokes of paint! My love for "GOD" & mankind & creating beautiful art shall never fade away, ever! Thank-you, I am gratefully appreciative!
5 Stars kostadin from Atlanta, Georgia
Thank you soo much dear friend for the comment of my digital art "Hope". This artwork is a gift for a friend of mine. She is a very talented and well known pianist in Jerusalem. I donated this artwork for her CD cover. Thanks again for your comment. This art was inspired by the pure spiritual soul of the humans and the God's help.
Seller response: Yes! We have the same connection of = "Hope" through Art, yours & mine! Yours displays Hope (Help Open Peoples Eyes) as mine does, to Open the Hearts & Minds of so many out there to reach through our powerful symbolism of: Our Artworks! Messages of Hope through "Heart-Felt-Love" travel through the Universe! Hope connects! You care & I care! Thank-you, I am gratefully appreciative!
5 Stars In God We Trust from Chicago, Illinois (View this seller's gallery)
Excellent ! This could also symbolize the combined hearts of our glorious eternal triune God !
Seller response: Yes! You & I, are each a "Tribune" a champion of the people, for the people, in the Eyes of God, through God's Shining Light. We each promote our Blessed Visions for the Betterment of Mankind through our artworks of beauty to share glory, joy & love with the world! These hearts, I drew & painted, reign with Glory & Love for all eternity! Thank-you, I am gratefully appreciative!

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