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Biblical Scenes   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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The Holy Madonna's Imaculate Concept
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  The Holy Madonna's Imaculate Concept Click to enlarge  

The Holy Madonna's Imaculate Concept
ArtistsitrA ZionoiZ AKA Steve Kreuscher

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Title; "The Holy Madonna's Immaculate Conception of the Divine Degausser"

As of October 2008, this painting is now the property of and in the permanent collection of "Hilo Art Museum" in Hawaii.

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This is my modern version of "The Immaculate Conception", paintings of the past masters.

Revelations Chapter 12, verse 1,2;

"And a great sign appeared in Heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars; and she was with child; and she cried out, being in labor and in pain to give birth."

"...the Divine Degausser"; meaning Christ Jesus, who came to erase our sins, by the shedding of His own most precious blood, and also degausser meaning to demagnetize us from the power of sin and magnetize us to the power of His Divine Love. Also, Christ, represented inside Mary as the new earth, representing Christ as the second Adam and the first born of the New Creation, which is formed and created "In Christ".

I use the word "Degausser" also as a honorable tribute to the band called "Brand New" and their CD titled; "The Devil and God Raging inside of Me" and especially my favorite song on the CD titled "Degausser". I listened to their CD each day that I worked on this prismacolor colored pencil painting. I spent about 100 hours on it. Their CD is all about their own honest inner personal spiritual struggles in their faith. The CD is my absolute favorite CD and the most inspiring CD that I have heard.

Item Price 
Property of "Hilo Art Museum" n/a  sold
Done 2008 n/a  sold
11" x 8.5" n/a  sold
Signed; "Steve Kreuscher" n/a  sold


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Average Rating: 5 Stars Based on 8 critiques. Write a critique
5 Stars Sherryledbetter from Little Rock, Arkansas
5 Stars Hnelsonreed from Chicago, Illinois
This is a break through for you. Youve many works that I appreciate, this one has much spirit alive in it. She's beautiful on all levels.
5 Stars kostadin from Atlanta, Georgia
This is an incredible illustration of our physical transformation through the spiritual reincarnation.Great job! The color choices also compliment the concept of physical and spiritual relationship.God Bless you ,brother!
5 Stars Mary from Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina
This piece is greatly intriguing.she ascends toward Heaven,toward the dove that is her son,Jesus to be powerfully and lovingly reunited with arms open wide,lost in total and joyful acceptance of the Spirit.conquering the fire.leaving behind the sweetest of all messages that glides out to meet the rest of the world.lined with globes, like the many chances we have for forgiveness by His sacrifice.
5 Stars Loren D. Adams, Jr. from Honolulu, Hawaii (View this seller's gallery)
First I would like to begin by saying; "I would love to have been there to watch this Masterful Artist paint this!" It would be such a joy to be able to express myself in this manner... Although I paint well myself It's a wonderful experience just to be able to enjoy seeing this Masterpiece! "I Love it very much" Sincerely, Lorenartist
5 Stars WildArtist from Colorado Springs, Colorado
What an exemplary example of true art. The use of color and imagery drives a message home with each individual piece. There is no question that Steve's work is passionate and consuming, yet gives the gift of feeling and intensity to the viewer that is unparalleled in a contemporary setting. It draws you in and enables you to clearly interpret the emotion portrayed.
5 Stars Harold Hand from Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia (View this seller's gallery)
God has blessed you with an amazing talent Steve.
5 Stars Mseighthwonder from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (View this seller's gallery)
A miraculous production of an amazing artwork! Gorgeous & stunning! Praiseworthy of announcing a magnificient brilliance conveyed through this artwork! This composition is filled with glorious wonder & a divine viewpoint! Superb job! Thank-you for sharing.

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