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Flowers, Plants, & Trees   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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Scottish Rose ~ Fraser of Lovat
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  Scottish Rose ~ Fraser of Lovat Scottish Rose - Screen Scottish Rose ~ Fraser of Lovat Scottish Rose -Silver Rose  

Scottish Rose ~ Fraser of Lovat
Maureen W. Clifton

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Scottish Rose ~ Fraser of Lovat is a personal item. Part of my Goal in Creating my ‘Intuitive Fine Art’ is to create items which are dimensional. This item happens to be something I designed & created for myself & it is dimensional.

Its background is inspired by the Scottish Clan Fraser of Lovat Dress Red Tartan - which is the one I use to honor my ancestors.

Please see other views herein. The Rose is silver plated & stitched in several places over the needlepoint screen. At the bottom, I stitched in its stem & a leaf in a blend of greens.

Frame: 3.75 inches Wide by 4.25 inches High & an antiqued silvery color. It is behind glass. It is a Miniature Series style. Frame has a self-stand.

Screen: 2.5 inches wide by 2.75 inches High & 10 stitches per inch needlepoint.

Threads: Metallic & Rayon Embroidery Threats & Pearl Cotton. Silver Plated Rose Size: 1.75 inches Wide by 1.5 inches High.

I had a great deal of fun creating this even though Metallic & Rayon thread used side-by-side are often difficult to manage.

It sits with my 'Rose' collection!

Please see other items within my Yessy Art Gallery which are for sale.

Please see my books on AurthorsDen: in new window to inquire about my books not found in other places.

Thank you for visiting my Yessy Art Gallery. Please see my BIO for more about me & what I do. Visit my Medieval Arts Misty Isles Gallery herein to see my Pen & Ink Art, Artistic Costumes, Newsletter Covers & other Creations in that venue!

© All Rights Reserved for all time on All Photos, Artwork & Designs Created by Maureen Whitaker aka Maureen W. Clifton, Intuitive Needlepoint Artist & Author & as seen herein my Yessy Art Gallery.

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