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Flowers, Plants, & Trees   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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Scottish Garden & Fountain
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  Scottish Garden & Fountain Scottish Garden - Both Screens Scottish Garden - Main Screen  

Scottish Garden & Fountain
Maureen W. Clifton

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To create INTUITIVE FINE ART, I use no mapping, templates or others’ designs!

All designs are provided to me through ‘The Creator’s Graces Upon my Soul!’ An Etherial ‘vision’ arrives in my mind & I follow as guided.

I have taken ‘dimensional stitchery ~where no one has gone before~ as one-of-a-kind designs.’ Some items include beads & charms.

Some are framed & others are not. Some are double- sided & can hang from a ‘sky’ hook. My Fine Art items are a cross-section of cultures & a myriad of sizes.

This item took many hours to create. As a general rule, I never keep track of how long it takes to create most pieces. The specifications of
‘Scottish Garden & Fountain’ follow.

Thread: I used Pearl Cotton, Rayon (satin look), Cotton & Metallic (shimmers) Strand Embroidery Threads & Acrylic Yarn to create its design in needlepoint & a wrapping/weaving concept.

Frame: 2 inch depth gives a visual of steps into the design as if going into a sunken garden. Frame is 11 inches Wide by 13 inches High & a soft off-white.

Mat: 8 inches Wide by 10 inches High. The item could not have a stark white mat. Therefore, this mat is wrapped in yarns to mimic the colors of the garden & fountain.

Without taking the stitching with me to a store, I found a variegated skein of acrylic yarn in the perfect colors. The wrap is continuous for the most part & it worked beautifully.

I had never wrapped a mat before I made this item. I liked the effect of ‘rays of light’ & dimension which pulls the viewer into the design.

Screen & Stitched Mat: I wanted the garden raised from the background to add another layer of dimension why the main screen is the size it is & overlaid onto a stitched mat of 4.75 inches wide by 6.50 inches high.

It is 10 stitches per inch. Part of its outer edge is under the large mat & finished to the edge.

Since this is a ‘visual garden’ there seemingly are no paths into or out of it except with one eyes’ & you are only limited to your imagination what is experienced.

The 5 roses at the top can have meaning in the sense of Heraldic Roses* which are five petals. There are examples in Nature of 4 leaves &/or floral petals. Five is used in a variety of places, including for our perception of stars.

*Heraldry is still used in modern society & goes into the first ideals of Heraldry.

Screen: The main part of the garden & fountains is 3.25 inches wide by 5.75 inches high. It is 10 stitches per inch with finished edges.

In creating Artistic Needlepoint with few exceptions, the screen is never seen. Detailed finishing stitches are used to create my hallmark style.

Thank you for visiting my Yessy Art Gallery. Please see my BIO for more about me & what I do. Visit my
‘Medieval Arts Misty Isles’ Gallery herein to see my Pen & Ink Art, Artistic Costumes, Newsletter Covers & other Creations in that venue!

Please see my books on AurthorsDen: in new window to inquire about my books not found in other places.

© All Rights Reserved for all time on All Photos, Artwork & Designs Created by Maureen Whitaker aka Maureen W. Clifton, Intuitive Needlepoint Artist & Author & as seen herein my Yessy Art Gallery.

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Scottish Garden & Fountain n/a  not for sale

• Seller location: Lewis Center, Ohio, United States
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