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Trees & Shrubs   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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Wisteria Tree
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  Wisteria Tree side view back view  

Wisteria Tree
Pacific Wonderland

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Wisteria Tree
Artist: Lee Mannikko, Seattle WA.
Studio: Pacific Wonderland Designer Art studio

A Note from the Artist:

This is a custom order that I recently completed of an old Wisteria tree in full bloom taken from a photo my customer sent to me. The beauty of the blossoms is well characterized by the Amethyst gemstones coupled with gold and silver leaves. The vine like branches and trunk required several techniques of winding and overlay to do justice to this rugged yet graceful tree. The wood tones of the tree are portrayed by using gold wire and a sterling silver wire that will tarnish lightly over the years creating a soft patina weathered look.

Comments from: The Pacific Wonderland Designer Art Studio

The stones used to simulate the blossoms are genuine Grade A Brazilian Amethyst, with some Cape Amethyst for variation. Each blossom strand is hand wired separately from the tree in 26 gauge wire, then tied onto the end loop of each branch to create a more flexible joint . Over 1300 stones were used to create this tree. The leaves are silver and gold plated and each is hand wired into the branches. This tree is made from non-tarnish sterling silver plated gold and sterling silver wire that is not tarnish treated. The wire used for this tree is 18 through 26 gauge. The base is unfinished Manzanita burl wood used to compliment the old wood tones in the wire trunk and branches. Felt is applied to the underside side.

CUSTOM ORDERS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR THIS PIECE. Due to the size and work involved, the artist requires 6 - 8 weeks to create this piece. The design and shape will be made to replicate as close as possible the model shown, but because each tree is hand crafted no two trees can ever be identical. Custom requests and questions may be emailed to us. We take pride in working with each customer individually to create their special piece.

All trees come with a certificate of authenticity signed and dated by the artist who has been creating wire sculpture for over 25 years. Each tree is completely hand made with the best materials and made to last for many years.

Made in the USA by US artists

Item Price 
11.5" H x 8.5" W x 8" D n/a  sold

• Seller location: Renton, Washington, United States
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