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Other Still Life   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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"Dolly Varden Trout #1"
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"Dolly Varden Trout #1"
Lisa Ruggiero

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Wooden hand carved "Dolly Varden #1 Cutthroat Trout" that is part of the Living Waters Series of realistic fish from DryRiver Carving. No patterns have been used in any part of its creation, making each unique and one of a kind. The trout has been hand scaled with thousands of tiny scales before painting. Painted in bright watercolors which allow the natural grain/knots to show through. Sealed with 8 coats of a high grade, high gloss marine varnish. This will protect the colors against fading over time regardless of where the fish is displayed. The back also has 2 coats of varnish. This is the fourth fish of a series of Cutthroat Trout from around the USA I will be carving. This beauty measures 28 inches in length and is 11 inches in height. The trout also has a realistic glass trout eye. There are eye hooks with wire for ease in hanging for display. Comes signed, dated, numbered along with its name by wood burning on the backside. A certificate of authenticity is included stating this is a numbered original form DryRiver Carving.

*Please note that any fish or carving can be ordered with a 3-4 week lead time. Each will vary slightly since I do not use any patterns*

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