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Creator’s Chakra Garden (frame)
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  Creator’s Chakra Garden (frame) Creator’s Chakra Garden (screen) Creator’s Chakra Garden (top) Creator’s Chakra Garden (bottom) Creator’s Chakra Garden (Flint)  

Creator’s Chakra Garden (frame)
Maureen W. Clifton

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Thank you for visiting my Yessy Art Gallery! Please consider purchasing my art. Any Intuitive Fine Art &/or Medieval Arts Misty Isles items SOLD on Yessy will have a percentage of said Sale Donated to a Charity. Please see my BIO for details.

New in 2011! This colorful item is priced quite reasonably for our current times!

Its first Art Show was August 2011 at High Road Gallery, Worthington, Ohio. Items in the show required each one to include a ‘found’ object (explained herein).

This Intuitive Art Item is dimensional & ‘pops’ with a wonderful colorful garden that forms the top of a tree. Each time it is viewed, more items are seen, including some amazing surprises (front & back).

It is framed & includes a stand, though it can be wall mounted. Its overall Size with Stand: 15 inches high x 7.25 inches wide. Wood Easel Stand Size: 8 inch high. Overall Frame Size: 13 inches high x 7.25 inches wide. Frame is Custom stained/painted Oak with Silver Ash Leaves applied.

Screen Size: 6.75 inch Octagon. Stitch Size: 7 stitches per inch. Threads & Yarns: Acrylic & Metallic, Embroidery Floss & Memory Thread. Medium, Textiles & Stitch Types: Pin Tucking, Needlepoint, Embroidery, Couching & beading. Background: Bright Green shimmery woven cloth that changes color depending on the light in a room.

Beads & Charms: Fresh Water Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz & Sea Shell with specialty, antique, leaves, flowers (glass) & faux gold, seed & faceted multi-colored beads (in sky as stars). At top is a Golden Sun, Moon & Star charm & other beads.

First ‘Found’ Object: Flint Picture Stone, polished. Flint is Ohio’s Gemstone. Brochure on Ohio Flint is included with this item. Second ‘Found’ Object: Silver Ash Leaves applied to Frame.

This item received many great compliments at the Art Show.

Thank you for visiting my Yessy Art Gallery. Learn of the Human Soul & what ‘The Holy Grail’ is in my Book, ‘Insights Into the Soul!’ It & other of my books can be purchased through AuthorsDen: in new window.

Please see my BIO herein for more about me & what I do. Visit my ‘Medieval Arts Misty Isles’ Gallery herein to see my Medieval Drawings, Artistic Costumes (Medieval Clothing worn in Modern Society for Medieval Events), Newsletter Covers & other Creations in that venue!

© All Rights Reserved for all time on All Photos, Artwork & Designs Created by Maureen W. Clifton, Intuitive Artist & Author & as seen within my Yessy Art Gallery. All Sales are Final.

“Do Nothing & Nothing Changes. Do Something & the Whole World Can Change! Say Nothing & Nothing Changes. Say Something & the Whole World Can Change! Likewise, Create Nothing & Nothing Changes. Create Something & the Whole World Can Change!” ~Maureen (March 2009)

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Creator’s Chakra Garden, frame-stand $60.00  Add this item to your cartMake Offer

• Seller location: Lewis Center, Ohio, United States
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   Sculptures & Carvings > Flowers, Plants, & Trees > Flowers > Other Flowers
   Textile & Apparel > Other Textile
   Crafts & Other Art > Beadwork
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