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Other Women's Clothing   ( Thumbnail View • Enlarged View )
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‘Dance Like an Egyptian’ - Halloween
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  ‘Dance Like an Egyptian’ - Halloween Egyptian Costume, Full View, 2009 Egyptian Costume, Top, 2009 Egyptian Costume, Bottom, 2009 Egyptian Guise for Halloween, 1983  

‘Dance Like an Egyptian’ - Halloween
Maureen W. Clifton

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A ‘Medieval’ Egyptian Costume for October 31, 1983 – Halloween – at work! This is a ‘creative’ version of an Egyptian style that I made, except the shirt (Kames). While I make most of my costumes, sometimes it is neat to find something ‘off the rack’ that works for a Kames. The black gauze embroidered Kames is an Egyptian pattern & is panels: front (1), back (1), each side (4), sleeves (2) & gussets under each arm (2). I procured it at ‘Pier One’ in San Francisco. It created a great look for many of my Egyptian costumes! This is the really neat part about that Kames. I have worn it many times over the years & it is the same Kames I recently wore for SCA West’s Beltane (California) in 2009! I removed the buttons & added a V of trim the neckline 2000. Before my trip out West, I dyed it & set the dye with vinegar, as over the years with laundering it, the color had turned a greenish-black. The white background for the photos & the fact the material is gauze – it shows lighter than it really is in real time! The reason I titled this costume as I did is the journalist for the hospital where I worked loved my costume! She took several photos & asked me to ‘Pose & Dance like an Egyptian Princess’ – for the color photos. Later in the day, she came to my office & asked for more photos in black & white, specifically because she was so impressed with my make up, seen in another view herein this gallery! I had a wee bit of a smile in the color photos. I wore a full veil & with a triangular Head Scarf (Keffiyeh) & a Head Band (Agal), seen in another view herein. The way the light was in the full view (see original view herein), you cannot see there is a vest over my Kames that was quite fitted (see additional views herein). The outfit is layers, black satin pantaloons, called ‘Libas’ or ‘Sirwal’ & sometimes called 'Bagdad' Pants. It has a Drawstring (Dikkeh or Tikkeh) at the waist of a 3/4 circle skirt with a flat panel on the front with a design on the bottom & attached about knee level to the skirt. At the entire hemline is gold & silver trim. Over the skirt was a triangular, lacy & fringed Hip Scarf, the embroidered gauze Kames (generally made of linen or cotton), a fitted long vest with a gold & silver wide Hip Belt tied front/center. The belt is attached to the vest & has long fringe on the ends of its ties. I am wearing a long veil (6 feet by 4 feet) & a Keffiyeh (Triangular Scarf) with the Agal to hold it in place. My finish for the Guide was my Egyptian make up! The skirt’s panel has a really neat pattern that was decidedly Egyptian in nature & is gold. This material will be seen in an Egyptian Kaftan that I made in 1979. I used the same material of which I had a small amount left for the skirt. The vest has silver Hieroglyphic buttons & side to back belt with two larger Hieroglyphic buttons (though I doubt seriously medieval Egyptians had buttons – thus a creative use). My veil was a 6 foot black veil & folded over at the top – otherwise it hit the ground. It was my ‘belly dance’ veil, as about that time, I was taking lessons (I gave it to a young lady in the SCA when we lived in Artemisia). The costume billowed just a little when a light breeze came up & moved the skirt & veil & is seen in the full view (original color photo). It created a voluminous look of disguising the ‘mystery of what lies beneath’ much in the same way as Abayeh (Aba) does. To be sure, my dark make up, headdress & the Egyptian costume did change how I looked! See other views herein this gallery for my beaded Egyptian Necklace Collar & Earrings that I created as ‘wearable art’ & for a closer look at my make-up & the Head Band. Great fun to create & I had lots of fun wearing it, especially for Halloween!

Thank you for visiting my Medieval Art Gallery. © All Photos, Artwork & Costume Designs Created by Maureen & Posted on this SCA Medieval Art & Costume Gallery on Yessy. No image posted may be used without permission of Maureen W. Clifton, aka: Countess Dierdriana of the Misty Isles, Member of The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA: www.SCA.orgOpens in new window). Nothing within Maureen’s/Dierdriana’s Medieval Art Gallery represents any SCA policies, regulations &/or laws in any way. Please See Maureen’s Bio & Other Yessy Art Gallery.

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• Seller location: Lewis Center, Ohio, United States
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