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From The Fire

Michael McDonoughMichael McDonough began his creative career as a songwriter and recording artist leading regionally successful rock groups. Working the club scene by night, by day he obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Music Business from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Once he received his degree, Michael moved to the West Coast where he joined the South Bay Songwriters Association (now known as the Bay Area Songwriters Association) and played in various venues in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 1998 he received Certificates of Achievement from The Billboard Song Contest for his entries entitled “Franciscan Knights” and “Until That Day”.

To fund his creative side Michael took a position at a leading Investment Banking firm where he began his climb into financial securities executive management. This allowed him to spend time in artistic enclaves around the world that embedded images in his mind of the most beautiful gardens and shorelines on Earth.

After years of appreciating and collecting art, Michael again felt the creative process brewing inside, but this time he would present himself through painting. Countless hours of discovering and perfecting his technique revealed a sense of color and depth that surprised many of his contemporaries. Inspired by the natural beauty of the earth, he often depicts both an Expressionist and Abstract view of sunsets, flowers, trees, and other natural settings. Other of his works are simply abstract creations that evoke strong emotion from the viewer through his use of color combinations.

Today, Michael lives near San Francisco. He divides his time among business ventures, painting and recording music. His art is displayed at corporate locations, galleries, certain retail stores in San Francisco and online at in new window, in new window, and in new window.
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