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Carol's Studio

Carol CraneA native of Illinois, Carol began painting at an early age. She has always been creative and enjoys all mediums, especially graphite and acrylic. Her family , grandparents and the Ottawa Art League have been very influential in her evolving styles. Carol has a whole line of greeting cards for all occations. Many designed from scans of her original paintings. She has been in many local shows where she has sold and won ribbons . Carol gets inspiration from the impressionists. Looking at natural forms close up then making them look abstract is very creative to Carol from flowers and seed pods in her garden to setting up still lifes, she is never at a loss for interesting materal. You can see more of her work at local shows, Lock 16 Canal shop on 1st St. Lasalle. Carol and her art league also have a gallery hall in Ottawa at the 807 bldg on LaSalle St. Jeramiah Joe's Coffee Shop where works will be changed each month. Check out www.ottawaartleague.orgOpens in new window
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