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Carol Ring has a unique style of layering photos using translucent filters in Photoshop. Lately adding words or sentences to the mix, she has printed with a process of infused dyes onto coated brushed aluminum. In the current exhibition, “Just Say Yes,” she has pared the message down to the single word YES, along with a few other affirmative words or phrases, quotes from Carl G. Jung, Eckhart Tolle and Dag Hammarskjold. All convey the positive notion: To get what you want, want what you get. It seems to be characteristic of the human condition that how we mentally label an experience (i.e., “good” or “bad”) determines how we feel about it. In other words, we suffer when we want things to be different from how they are. As Tina Fey advises in this pointer toward a happier life: “Say Yes. You’ll figure it out afterward.”
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