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As I Stroll Along

Clyde WilliamsArtist Statement

I thought I would begin this statement by sharing a quote or two by a couple of my favorite artists:

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life"

"Creativity takes courage"

I find both of these musings to touch truth as I endeavor to make my way as an artist.

Facing a blank white canvas sometimes takes all the courage an artist can muster.
Then it happens, paint is on pallet, brush is in hand and your invisible starts to take shape, color, and life.

Whether many or few receive your passion, there is now a little less dust clouding the soul.

Clyde Williams
Mr.Williams’ work can be found enhancing private collections in Pittsburgh,Nashville, Tucson, Alaska, England, Malawi-Africa, The California Coffee Bar, Pittsburgh, & Emsworth U.P.CHURCH,Emsworth Pa.
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