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Harold and Donna's Bio

Under The Sea CollectionAnnouncement:

Donna Potter Consulting offers multi-photo (5) ceramic white large mugs, either "Tiny NC Sea Creatures" mug or "NC Wreck Diving Scenes" mugs. Photos by Harold Quidley and Donna Potter taken offshore on 5 popular NC Graveyard of the Atlantic shipwreck sites together 1975-1985. Just $19.99 each or a set of 4 mugs for just $59.99 for the set. Go to the 1st item in our Under the Sea Gallery here to order now!

Order a variety of our NC, Florida, and Caribbean underwater photo products by picking photos for custom orders from photo pages in our gallery ( after item 11), and then order the products on the applicable item 1 - 11 page pricings. We have not revamped pricing on individual photo pages yet and have found more reasonable priced product suppliers since we first set up this site. Call or email us to make sure you are getting our best prices and place order on pages 1-11 in our Under the Sea Gallery. Specify the photo you pick by the associated page/item number. www.donnapotterconsulting.comOpens in new window

Photographer Bios:

Harold Quidley and Donna Potter have dived together and photographed as a husband and wife photo/modeling team to create their treasured "Under the Sea Collection" gallery which spans a long period of their photography collaboration. They have 2 hard cover with additional text, "best of" coffee table type hard bound books available through this site (1st and 2nd item pages). Donna's book, "NC Wreck Diving: Life in the Graveyard" is the NC book cover, shown on this bio page. My other new book, "Best of Caribbean Diving" is over 40 color photos and text about the Caribbean Islands and the Caribbean Sea, and the creatures in some of the photos, and the NC one is 40 photos as well of NC wrecks and sealife, plus additional text about each of the dive sites/wrecks included in this book, information about some of the seacreatures, and information about subtropical and artificial reef ecosystems in the NC area from Cape Lookout southward through Cape Fear. It has info and photos from 6 of the most popular dive sites off North Carolina. See pricing on 1st two item pages on our site here, order both from Item #1 page, or also order the Caribbean book on the Item #2 page as well.

Here is a recent email from one of our satisfied customers that ordered each of the two books:


I got the books today. They are wonderful, such a high quality production. I love the thick covers and the colors. The black background pages with the yellow borders around the picture really brings out the photos and the print, makes it easy to read. The photo on the back cover really completes the book. Thanks for signing them, it makes it that more special. And paying through the Yessy secure site was very easy.

I thought it was so kind that you dedicated them to your daughter, Samantha. We are on the same page when you say “They are the light of my life”. Ben, my 10 year old son, loved them and wanted to take the books to school to show his class. I often give slide shows to classes covering underwater life, wildlife and forestry, but for now I’m putting them in my shell cabinet with the rest of my NC Wreck Books collection.

Thanks Again!
Joey B."

Though Harold and Donna are no longer married, they both continue to work in the environmental protection field and continue to dive. Their NC photos (which were taken over a ten year period), have been taken to promote interest in NC wreck diving and recreational diving, unlike many NC underwater photographers more focused on the archeology and history of the wrecks. Harold and Donna focus on the ecosystems and life and beauty that spring forth from these ships sinking instead. The photo above shows the cover of the "NC Wreck Diving: Life in the Graveyard" book cover and is a macro photo of a yellow and white soft corals polyps, taken on the wreck of the John D. Gill Tanker wreck sunk offshore NC during WWII.

Snorkeling as well as diving offshore NC was always exciting,in between dives we would sometimes snorkel especially in calm summer months. One of our now deceased friend and dive buddy of Harold's and mine, was, Captain Kidd Brewer, Jr. who had a speaking role in the dive cult movie "the Abyss", and was also a stunt double for Lee Majors in "Pirhanna II". Kidd dived with Harold and Donna and their southeast NC based dive group of 6 friends, for about a 10 year period. Kidd loved spearfishing for Grouper, and also "protected" us while we shot photos together ,keeping a watch out to protect us from sharks that patrol each wreck. Captain Kidd was a good friend of Donna's as well and all the friends on the Whipsaw had so many adventures over that 10 years offshore NC on the Whipsaw! There is a special photo of Kidd and Donna snorkeling above the John D. Gill wreck off NC in the book and in this collection in 90 feet of water.

Trips to the John D. Gill wreck, a popular Cape Fear area offshore clear dive site, are almost 3 hour each way boat trips and long wonderful days of adventure always seeing something memorable, such as flying fish in summer off the bow, dolphins just ahead of the bow, trolling for spanish and king mackerals on the return trip, or sometimes dolphin fish. Kidd could usually get a few nice grouper on the John D. Gill dives as well.

Harold and Donna had each logged over 1000 open water ocean dives together, to get these and other underwater photographic treasures in this "Under the Sea Collection" Gallery, off the coast of NC on wrecks, the Florida Springs/Caves, and near several Caribbean Islands. Donna has just released a "Best of Caribbean Diving" coffee table book in November 2008, and it is available through this yessy e-commerce site now also, the cover is shown on the item #2, called "Coffee table book and Coral Shrimp Landing". Order on that page or on item 1 page, or phone in an order. It takes about 2-3 weeks for delivery of the coffee table books, depending on how you want your items shipped. (overnight is available but will cost extra of course than regular shipping.

Harold and Donna had worked as travel editors for an east coast diving publication, for a northeast regional magazine that was named "Undersea World of the Diver" and their work and photos of Donna were featured on a few of the covers, and also they wrote articles regularly for that and other magazines. They have submitted and published articles, and had photos used for resort ads, and went on sponsored dive photo assignments on diving, dive resorts and dive travel destinations as well to the Caymans, Jamaica, Bimini, and Cozumel. Al Giddings said to me once after I showed him our work (in San Francisco), that "Harold is a very talented underwater photographer and that we had made a great team". He also added "Where is he now and what is he doing?" It was an honor to have him say such nice things about our treasures. Al Giddings of Jaws fame, was involved in the filming of Jaws as most people know.....To also have had Paul Tzimolius Skin Diver Magazine editor, and Stan Waterman such a noted underwater filmmaker and photographer select Harold and I's photos as winners of SEAS two years (South East Atlantic States Underwater Photo Symposium and Photo contests)as well in both macro and distance/scenic/modeled shots, was really a great honor to us as well!

Their photography work had appeared in "Scuba Times" and other wildlife and feature magazines of a variety (10 articles published over the years), and some of their NC dive photos have been featured for years in the NC Public Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores near Beaufort and Morehead City, NC on the Emerald Isle. There was for over 15 years until the most recent renovation, and was a large wall mural photo of Donna diving on the John D. Gill or WR-4 which rests about 30 miles SW of Wrightsville Beach, NC, and other smaller photos Harold and Donna took off the coast of NC.

The NC Department of Travel and Tourism utilized some of their NC underwater photos in their official travel brochures and magazine advertisements for many years also, and sold some photos of theirs in poster form in their NC Public Aquarium Gift Shops at all three NC Public Aquarium sites. The NC Public aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, is part of the NC Public Aquariums, visit their website for locations and times they are open. The Pine Knoll Shores aquarium now has a lifesize, "in tank" replica of the U-352 german Sub wreck, the U-352, which there are photos of Donna diving that wreck in the book and on this Under the Sea Gallery site. There also is an exhibit in the aquarium of the Caribbsea wreck, which there is also a photo of Donna diving that wreck in the book and on this site and a page of info about this wreck/popular dive site. The U-352 replica is so realistic it gave me the same feeling as actually diving there, great memories!

Harold and I routinely had given presentations such as at Dive Clubs,Carribean Dive Resorts, Diving Conventions, etc. such as SEAS conferences and still do and can be available for seminars and workshops on modeling for underwater shots, and setting up wide angle modeled shots. Harold and I focused our photos on the life on and surrounding these artificial reefs off NC and their fragile ecosystems. Harold's work and photos with Donna in them, have successfully won several grand prizes and various categories in several underwater photo competitions for both wide-angle and macro categories, including SEAS (South east Atlantic States) regional underwater photo competitions, and also a Kodak worldwide underwater photo competition. In the worldwide competition, Harold and Donna's work won (4 prizes,3 photos)grand prize, distance shot category, and macro category, and a 5th place in Macro also. Grand prize winner was the cover shot for the book, distance shot was Donna in the red wetsuit diving in the Florida Springs (Manatee Springs) on this site, and the 3rd place was the "purple macro of tube worms" on this site.

Contact Donna at www.donnapotterconsulting.comOpens in new window, or by email at
for underwater modeling advice and information about their books or products through Donna Potter Consulting.

Harold and Donna chose to use Nikonos IIs, IIIs, IVs, and Vs Cameras and Nikonos wide angle lenses, and these were the mainstay of their photo equipment for these photos in this collection, and they used extension tubes for the macros in this collection of photos. This was before digital cameras.

(Donna had mostly assisted Harold photographically and she did the hard work of being Harold's underwater model for most of these shots, as Harold was who was usually the primary person "behind the lens". Donna helped set-up closer in shots, and took many macro shots and some silhouette distance shots, used extra slave lighting equipment for additional strobe lighting on other macro shots and closer in shots, and did the tireless job of modeling in the majority of their wide-angle shots.) Under Harold's training and guidance, Donna has learned some underwater photography as well over time, and she developed the skills to do some good quality wide angle or macro photography as well. Harold is a good underwater photographer trainer as well as being an accomplished open water diver and photographer, he has since obtained his commercial diver certificate as well and does special water quality studies for his job with the NCDENR in Raleigh, NC where has worked 1978 til recent retirement.

Harold is and was an excellent underwater photographer and topside photographer as well, Donna would say, "an extremely gifted artist and photographer, especially for wide angle shots".

His Quidley British "ancestors" shipwrecked on Cape Hatteras near Buxton, NC generations ago before the colonies were formed. His father's side of the family goes back to the local Hatteras Island Indians as well, and his great great grandmother Rosa Lee Quidley was featured on a National Geographic publication cover (she was a Cape Hatteras Native American in what is now Buxton on the outer banks of NC). His great grandfather Capt. Tom Quidley, was the second light house keeper for the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and Harold's grandfather Quidley and his father, with Harold's dad as a boy visiting the lighthouse, (is Mr. Dallas Quidley in new bern, NC), manned a "manned lighthouse" in the Pamlico Sound of NC, for many years as well. Donna's mother's ancestors also trace back to Native American populations in NC also (Cherokee). (Read on the web about the Tuiscarora War near what is now new Bern, NC).

Harold and Donna made quite a team and are proud to share some of their dive photo team collection. Donna has mostly promoted, marketed, wrote articles, set up photo assignments, and coordinated submittals to magazines. These products on the Yessy site are a sample of some of their collection of prized photos, and there are more excellent shots as well, not yet appearing on this site. We helped to promote NC ocean scuba diving and protection of our ocean ecosystems.

Important: Payments can be processed using major credit cards, debit cards, money orders, and checks online here through the "secure payments"yessy site. Call DPC for information on processing your orders through Yessy, or email Donna to inquire about paying by other methods directly to DPC (cashiers check, or money orders.

*Prices of all items shown on this site, & listed on item pages, do not include shipping and taxes and other various custom order fees for certain products, order shipped normally within 2 weeks of order processing and payment completion (faster by requesting overnight shipping at extra cost of course).

Contact Donna to discuss associated customizing fees for your company promotional products, or possible discounts for "large volume orders of the same item", shipping(nationally and internationally)estimates, or any questions and comments on our products or our site here on Yessy!

Another satisfied customer,recently wrote me after recieving their order of the NC Wreck Diving coffee table book, and also a long sleve Navy Blue T Shirt of Donna diving the U-352, and a photo mouse pad of Donna posed in a Grand Cayman Wall shot, and wrote me to say:


Just wanted to let you know that the Yessy/UTS order arrived today in good shape! They look great and the quality is excellent. Good job!! Take care and I hope to talk to you soon!

Greg S.:)
Wilmington, NC

"Donna is honored to once again promote Harold's and my artistic works, and to remember all the seemingly endless great adventures, treasured by us and our other dive buddy friends, to shoot these photos. So many stories and memories about their past dive buddies, past captains, friends, and the many sea creatures who allowed us the honor of viewing them up close, and to take their photos. H&D's regular dive buddies included the famous "Hog Doc", Wesley Devaney, Larry Nunnery, Bobbie Moore's (the great "wooden dive gear box Vicking Funeral Adventure"), Captain Kidd Brewer, Jr. (on the movie the Abyss), Jan Corbett (Donna's first cousin), and on occasion, Uma Shankar, Wayne Pollard, Ron Thrower (owner of Reef and Ridge dive shop in Cary, NC),Robbie and Ed Wolfe (Ed is deceased),Rod Farb (now deceased, Bill Lovin, and Jovita Mask Lovin (Bill wrote one of the first NC Wrecks books back in the 1970s), and is an accomplished and famous underwater cinematographer/environmental film producer/photographer, who owns Marine Graphics in the Raleigh, NC area,and part of "EstuaryLive" environmental educational documentary the past 10 years or so. We treasure our first trip to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman with Ron Thrower and members of the reef and Ridge dive club. Guys, you know who you are! I miss you!) Note: Ron certified Donna for her advanced open water certification and he holds a special place in my heart. Contact Ron at

Also we give a warm rememberance to the former "Whipsaw" dive boat Captain (now deceased)who was also our friend, Captain Ed Wolfe, for an endless supply of beautiful and exciting adventure filled memories on and under the offshore waters of Southeastern Offshore NC. The "Whipsaw" Captain and crew, Ed's son, Robbie Wolfe, and my cousin Jan's Husband Sammy Corbett who was then first mate) and the wonderful dive boat that it was and the endless adventure filled days on the sea, will always be in our hearts and minds.

Harold still lives in Raleigh, NC, and Donna now lives in Cary, NC.
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