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Dry by the river

Lisa RuggieroAm a creator of the spirit, but it took about 38 years to find this out. But better late then never the saying goes. Being a woman and not typical in any sense, I built boats, yachts and marine jet engines for over 25 years. Through this men taught me valuable lessons I still carry today. Let the past go is one, say what you mean or feel is another big one too. Because of many people in my life, close friends who had faith in my evolving work, I kept plugging away. Through others I have been blessed to continue evolving. And learning what I like in art or color is in no way what others might want!!! I hope others that follow myself keep the course, and let their spirits find that gift I feel we each have. Many thanks for reading about me. It is "you" is why I create, and I thank you all who have pieces of my spirit! DryRiver~
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