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Affiliate Program

What is the Affiliate Program?
By signing up for the Affiliate Program, you are given a unique affiliate link that earns you income for people that you refer to Yessy.

How much do I receive for referring people to Yessy?
When a person clicks on your affiliate link, you earn $10 when they create a gallery and pay the annual membership.

In order to receive a bonus, does my referral just have to create a free trial gallery or do they have to join Yessy?
To receive your $10 bonus, your referral has to create a gallery and pay the annual membership.

Where can I find my unique affilate link?
To retrieve your unique affiliate link, simply sign in to the Affiliate Program. If you are not yet a registered Yessy user then you can also register on that same Affiliate Program page.

Can I link to any page on Yessy using my affiliate link?
Yes. Simply append your unique affiliate ID to the end of any Yessy page using the "r" parameter. For instance, if your affiliate ID is 19 then you could create links similar to this: "" or "". Of course, you need to replace the 19 with your own unique affiliate ID. This feature also provides an excellent opportunity for you to create your own website with multiple links pointing to art on Yessy, greatly enhancing your referral bonus potential!

Can I create my own website and link directly to specific art on Yessy using my referral URL?
Yes. You can take advantage of the Affiliate Program by creating your own website and then providing links directly to specific art on Yessy. Simply append your unique ID to the end of any Yessy page (as mentioned in the question above). This allows you to easily earn bonuses whenever someone comes to Yessy through your website. Keep in mind that if you want to use images of an artist's work on your website, you must first get the approval of that artist.

Can I email my affiliate link to people?
Please only email your affiliate link to people who know you well. Yessy does not approve of spam or any such advertising tactics.

When am I paid?
Referral bonuses are paid after each month. You are paid when your referrals have been a Yessy member at least a month, which allows time for possible member cancellations.

How am I paid?
You are paid via PayPal. Provice your PayPal email address by completing the form at Affiliate Payment Preferences.

How are my referrals tracked?
You are given a unique affiliate link that contains your unique ID. When someone clicks on your affiliate link to go to Yessy, then your unique ID is recorded and assigned to that person.

How can I track how many people I have referred and what bonuses I have earned?
You can view all of your referral statistics by going to your Affiliate Reports.

After someone clicks my affiliate link, how long is that person viewed as my referral?
When someone clicks on your affiliate link, they are your referral for an entire 30 days. During those 30 days, you earn bonuses for any galleries they create.

Does my referral have to become a paid member immediately in order for me to receive the referral bonus?
No. They are viewed as your referral for an entire 30 days after they click on your affiliate link. Any galleries they create during that time will earn you the bonus.

Does Yessy provide any material to help promote my affiliate link?
Sample text and images are provided for your use at Promotional Images & Text.

Can I promote my affiliate link any way I wish?
Feel free to use your creativity when promoting your affiliate link, however please do not use spam, popups, or other unfavorable advertising. Any modifications you wish to make to Yessy text or images must fit the quality of Yessy.

Where can I sign up for the Affiliate Program?
You can sign up for the Affiliate Program by going to Affiliate Program.

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