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Shopping Cart

How do I add items to my shopping cart?
First, find an item that you'd like to purchase. If the item is for sale, there will be an "Add To Cart" button next to the price. Clicking the "Add To Cart" button will put the item in your cart. You can always remove the item from your cart later. If there are no prices shown for that item or if the item has a status of "Coming Soon", "Sold Out", "Sold", or "Not For Sale", then the item is not for sale and can not be added to your cart.

How do I purchase more than one of the same item?
Next to each item in your shopping cart, there is a quantity (Qty) field. In that field, enter how many of the items you'd like to purchase, then click the "Update Qty" button near the bottom of the cart. The page will refresh with the price adjusted accordingly and the quantity field will show the number of items.

How do I remove an item from my shopping cart?
Next to each item in your shopping cart, there is a "Remove" button. Clicking this button will completely remove the item from your cart.

What is the "click to sign in" link shown at the top of my shopping cart?
If you are a registered user, that link allows you to sign in and retrieve your shopping cart. You are not required to be registered in order to use a shopping cart, however, there are certain advantages such as your shopping cart being saved for a year instead of just 90 days. For more information on the advantages of being registered, refer to Registration.

How long do items stay in my shopping cart?
If you are a registered user, items will stay in your cart for one year. If you are not registered, then items will stay in your cart for 90 days.

I put items in my cart, and when I came back later, they were gone. What happened?
If you are a registered user, and you see a link that says "click here to sign in", then you must sign in to view your cart. If after signing in, you still do not see your items, it could be that the shopping cart previously viewed you as a guest and was adding your items to a temporary guest cart. If that's the case, then you'll have to re-add your items to your cart since the guest cart can no longer be retrieved.
If you are not a registered user and your shopping cart items are missing, then either 90 days have passed or perhaps you do not have cookies turned on. The shopping cart will work without cookies as long as you stay on the site, however, if you don't have cookies, then as soon as you leave the site your identity is unknown and your shopping cart is lost. In this situation, sometimes hitting the back button in your browser all the way back to when the shopping cart existed can retrieve your cart again.

I received a message in my cart that said a price or description has changed. Now what?
If the seller changes a price or description on an item that you had already added to your cart, then you'll receive a message alerting you of the change. If you do not want to accept the changes then you can remove the item from your cart. If the changes are acceptable then no action is required and the changes will automatically be accepted when you checkout. In the rare case that a price or description changes while you are in checkout, then you will be automatically brought back to your shopping cart and this same message will appear. Once checkout is complete, all data is locked and the seller can not make any changes to your items.

A message appeared saying an item no longer exists or can't be purchased. What happened?
If a seller deletes an item from their gallery, then that item can no longer be purchased. This can also occur if the seller closes their account, or deletes their site, or deletes the gallery that contains this item. Before you can proceed to checkout, you'll have to remove the item from your shopping cart. It is possible that the seller re-listed the item elsewhere, in which case you can check the seller's site for the new item location.

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